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Department of International Polish Studies, Jagiellonian University

Krakow, Poland
The department of International Polish Studies (IPS) is a subsidiary of Polish Studies offered at Jagiellonian University. IPS is a program to cultivate an international outlook and multicultural awareness among students. Moreover, there is an all new MA program in Polish Studies, Jewish Studies and History consisting of two years of full time study. One of the scholarships offered by IPS is the Lane Kirkland Scholarship. It is an exchange activity which began in 2000 by the aid of the Polish American Freedom Foundation (PAFF). Jagiellonian University is ascribed by the United States... See full description.

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About universities in Poland

The system of higher education comprising Universities, Masters Degrees, Graduate Studies and Professional Programs in Poland is governed by the Act of 27 July 2005: Law on Higher Education. Higher education institutions have to follow the regulations as per this act.
The number of institutions offering higher education in Poland has risen steeply in recent years. According to a statistical study conducted four years ago, there were 355 institutions of tertiary education in Poland in the academic year 2000/01. Within seven years, this figure is said to have increased to 455, a percentage increase of 28.16.
The study also found that although, about 71% of institutions offering higher education were non-public in nature, only five of these have been accorded a university status. On the other hand, among the public institutions offering higher education, there are 35 universities; this clearly indicates the higher importance accorded to public education institutions, in Poland.
Deemed Universities in Poland
Incidentally, the ministry’s rules require that a higher education institution using “university” or “technical university” in its name must be one that is authorized to award doctoral degrees in 12 or more disciplines. The rules also facilitate the regulation of institutions offering tertiary education by the Bologna Declaration.
Bachelor’s Studies in Poland
Undergraduate studies in Poland include first-cycle programs that lead to a bachelor’s degree. Bachelor’s studies are aimed at acquiring specialist knowledge, in a specific area of expertise. This degree is called ‘licencjat’ in Poland; another name given to it is ‘inzynier’. These first cycle programs last for three to four years. Among the popular courses offered in the degree programs are computer science, medical sciences, social studies (including economics and humanities), bio medical science and management. Admission to these courses is open to holders of an upper secondary school leaving certificate
Master’s Studies in Poland
Bachelor’s studies are followed by second-cycle programs that lead to a master’s degree. Master’s studies in Poland are aimed at acquiring specialist knowledge, in a specific area of expertise. This degree is called ‘majister’ in Poland. These second cycle programs last for one-and-a-half to two years. Admission to second cycle programs is given to those who have completed the first cycle bachelor’s studies.
There are also long-cycle programs, which are graduate programs leading to a master’s degree in Poland. Aspirants are required to hold a secondary school leaving certificate.
Doctoral Studies in Poland
Students who have successfully completed second-cycle or long-cycle programs are given access to third-cycle programs leading to a doctoral degree. Doctoral studies are aimed at acquiring advanced knowledge; such knowledge can be in a specific area of expertise, or discipline of science. This acts as a form of preparation for independent research, apart from activity of a creative nature. This degree is called ‘doktor’ in Poland. These third cycle programs last between four-and-a-half and six years.
Apart from the above, there are also postgraduate programs that do not lead to a degree; students who complete these are awarded a post graduate diploma.
Popular Professional Programs in Poland
The International Standard Classification of Education, which provides statistics on the most popular educational fields in Poland, indicates that Business and Administration is the most favored course by students seeking higher education in Poland. In fact, about 23% of such students are reported to have opted for this area of specialization, during the academic year 2007-08.
Another interesting piece of statistics reveals that part-time students of higher education outnumber their full-time counterparts, in Poland, with 51.5% preferring to study part-time.
The Polish capital of Warsaw is the biggest centre of education in the country, with the University of Warsaw having more than 56,000 enrollments in 2008. Some other popular centers include- Katowice, Gdansk, Lublin, Lodz, Poznan, Wroclaw and Krakow.

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