Has anyone ever gotten a full ride to NYU?

Yes, New York University offers a limited number of full scholarships each year. However, these awards are often based on financial need, rather than merit.
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Does NYU give out full rides?

NYU full-ride scholarships, also known as the "Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholars Program," are quite rare, as they are highly competitive and awarded to a small number of exceptional students. The program is designed to recognize and support students who have demonstrated a commitment to social justice and leadership.
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How do I get full tuition at NYU?

Who is eligible to have tuition covered? Students admitted as first year undergraduate students to our New York campus, who apply for financial aid by the financial aid deadlines, and who have a family income under $100,000 and hold typical assets will be eligible to have their tuition covered.
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Does NYU Tisch give full rides?

Full-tuition fellowships and partial-tuition scholarships are available. Awards are made on the basis of artistic excellence, demonstrated ability, professional promise, and financial need.
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Is it hard to get a scholarship at NYU?

Approximately 52% of enrolling students are awarded scholarship. All full-time and part-time applicants are considered. Non-degree/advanced professional certificate program students and NYU Employees are not eligible for merit-based scholarships.
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What is the hardest program to get into at NYU?

Three undergraduate schools accepted less than 10% of applicants:
  • College of Arts & Science acceptance rate: 7%
  • Stern School of Business acceptance rate: 7%
  • Rory Meyers College of Nursing acceptance rate: 3%
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Can I get into NYU with a 3.8 GPA?

The unofficial NYU GPA requirements range between 3.62 and 3.8.
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How to afford NYU Tisch?

Tisch School of the Arts Scholarships

All accepted candidates are encouraged to apply for scholarship aid by filling out the financial aid form that is included in the admission application. There is no shame in needing to apply for scholarship aid.
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What is the GPA for NYU Tisch?


You must have a 3.0 minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) on a 4.0 scale.
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Is NYU Tisch hard to get into?

Admission to the Tisch School of the Arts is a highly selective process. Applicants are held to rigorous academic and artistic standards, and evaluated through a two-part admissions process, which includes submitting both the Common Application and an artistic review.
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Why is NYU so expensive?

The obvious: location. Its endowment is significantly smaller than other universities, particularly considering its size. NYU was near bankruptcy in the late 60s. To remedy this, it sold its Heights campus in the Bronx and raised tuition to cover deficits.
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Is NYU the most expensive school?

Ans: New York University is one of the most expensive colleges in the world and it costs around $76,614 to go to NYU. But students get different financial aids like student loans, merit-based scholarships, and need-based grants.
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Is NYU worth the cost?

NYU is up there with the greatest Universities in the world and continues to improve each year. No matter what you study, whether liberal arts, sciences, or engineering, you're pretty much guaranteed to get as good an education as you could get at Harvard, MIT, Yale, or anywhere else.
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Does NYU give free rides?

Getting Around NYU

Download the Safe NYU app to request a Safe Ride during operating hours, and access real-time bus locations and estimated shuttle times powered by Passio GO! This service is free for students with a valid NYU ID.
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Is NYU generous with financial aid?

“With this fall's entering class of first-years (ie, fall of 2021 entrants, aka Class of 2025), students' financial aid packages met 100% demonstrated need for the first time,” Beckman wrote in an email to WSN. “The average financial aid package increased to $50,000 from approximately $39,000 the year before.
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Do NYU students get free gym?

NYU Athletic Facilities

Athletic facilities are available free to all registered students. The facilities include cardio and weight equipment, a pool, a rock-climbing wall. Recreational and exercise classes are available at discounted rates.
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Is 3.5 GPA bad for NYU?

Applicants' GPA when applying to NYU should ideally be between 3.5 and 4.0 to be strong candidates. Having less than this will require compensating by having outstanding extracurricular activities or a strong personal statement.
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Is a 3.7 GPA enough for NYU?

Is your high school GPA good enough for New York University (NYU)? The average high school GPA for admitted students at New York University (NYU) is 3.62 on a 4.0 scale.
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How likely am I to get into NYU?

The acceptance rate at NYU is 12.5%.

In other words, of 100 students who apply, only 13 are admitted. This means the school is very selective. Scores are vital to getting past their first round of filters. After that, you will need to impress them beyond just your academic scores.
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Who went to NYU Tisch?

Some, such as Marcia Gay Harden, Mahershala Ali, Billy Crudup, Corey Stoll, Andre Holland, and Daniel Dae Kim have gone on to major film and stage careers.
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What is the average family income for NYU students?

NYU attracts students from high-earning families. According to a 2017 study by the New York Times, NYU ranked 94th out of 2,395 colleges in median family income—with the average student's family earning $149,300 annually.
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What is the average debt at NYU?

Student Loan Debt for New York University

At New York University, the median federal loan debt among borrowers who completed their undergraduate degree is $20,500. The median monthly federal loan payment (if it were repaid over 10 years at 5.05% interest) for student federal loan borrowers who graduated is $217.
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Is 27 ACT good for NYU?

There's no absolute ACT requirement at NYU, but they really want to see at least a 33 to have a chance at being considered.
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Is a 3.8 GPA too low for Ivy League?

So how much is good enough? Average GPAs at Ivy League schools start at 3.9. Therefore, it's best to aspire for a 4.0 to play it safe. But as long as you have a GPA close to this, your GPA likely won't hold you back in the admissions process.
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Is 3.8 GPA too low for Harvard?

Whether a 3.8 GPA can get you into Harvard or not depends on the rest of your application. Although Harvard is an incredibly competitive school, high test scores and a well-rounded profile can help increase your chances of acceptance. However, you should try to raise your GPA even more if you plan to apply to Harvard.
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