How long does 120 hour TEFL course take?

An industry standard TEFL certificate takes 120 hours to earn, with the average completion time being about 10-12 weeks. That's whether you're completing an online course, or you're learning about English language teaching in person.
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Is a 120 hour TEFL course enough?

Most TEFL/TESOL jobs online or abroad will be satisfied with a 120-hour certification. If you're looking to really stand out, then you can pursue certification with 150+ hours or add a practicum or other specialization to your TEFL/TESOL resume.
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What is 120 hours of TEFL Academy?

The international standard 120 hour TEFL course is one of the quickest and most convenient ways to become fully qualified to teach English as a foreign language. On average, it takes 10-12 weeks to complete this course.
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What is the difference between 120 and 150 hours TEFL?

The '120-hour course Pro' is enough for employment, and it is easier to pass. The '150-hour course Master' shows the employer that you have put in more effort than the standards require. The '250-hour course Expert' gives you recognition by employers that you are an expert aiming for a good position with a high salary.
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What is the cheapest accredited 120 hour TEFL course online?

9 of the Best Cheap TEFL Courses Online
  • ITTT 120-Hour Online TEFL/TESOL course.
  • MyTEFL 140 Hour Master TEFL Course Online.
  • Premier TEFL 120 Hour Advanced TEFL Course.
  • i-to-i TEFL Level 3 120-Hour Online TEFL Course.
  • The TEFL Academy 168-Hour Online TEFL Course.
  • Let's TEFL The Ultimate 120-Hour TEFL Course.
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How long does a TEFL course take?

How long does it take to complete a 120-hour online course?

While 120 hours might sound like quite a lot, broken down over the average of 10-12 weeks that most of our students take to complete a course, it's just 10-12 hours per week. When you look at it like this, you can see how easy it can be to fit a 120-hour course in around your other commitments.
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Is 35 too old for TEFL?

Is There an Age Limit to TEFL? TEFL programs generally do not have strict age limits. Many opportunities exist for individuals of varying ages to pursue TEFL certification and teach English abroad.
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How many modules in a TEFL 120 hour course?

120-hour TEFL certification Course

If you choose this course option you will find the materials are divided into 20 different modules covering all the basic skills and knowledge required to get your teaching career off the ground.
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How fast can you complete TEFL?

How long should a TEFL course last? Typically, a fully accredited TEFL certification course will last anywhere from 4 weeks to 6 months. Shorter, 4-week long courses will generally run full-time (30-40 hours per week) and are very demanding.
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How many hours a day do TEFL teachers work?

Most schools abroad work normal office hours so you will probably need to be in school, Monday to Friday, from 7:30 a.m. (in many Asian countries) until 4:00 p.m. This equates to around 40 hours per week. You will not have to teach for all of those hours but a typical teaching load would be around 20-25 hours per week.
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Is it hard to pass a TEFL course?

In a nutshell, no, a TEFL Course is not hard to pass and it's totally worth it. Want to know more about getting TEFL-qualified and teaching English abroad? Check out our TEFL courses page or get in touch with our team to start your TEFL journey today!
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Can you do TEFL for 6 months?

A TEFL placement is considered long-term if the length is 3-6 months or more. Long-term contracts cover all types of jobs; language schools, private schools, universities… the list goes on. The types of learners are just as varied, ranging from nursery level to business professionals.
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How long do TEFL qualifications last?

A TEFL certificate is a lifetime qualification and doesn't require any additional training or coursework to renew it. It does not have an expiration date and you can start work immediately after receiving your TEFL certificate.
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Which level of TEFL is best?

The highest of all of the TEFL qualification levels, a DELTA is equivalent to a master's degree. As you can imagine, this is definitely not your average TEFL course! Of all the different TEFL levels, a Level 7 course is best if you're looking to open your own language school or teach new TEFL teachers.
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Is Level 5 TEFL worth it?

Is it worth completing a level 5 TEFL course? Although a level 4 qualification such as the 120-hour TEFL certificate is typically enough to qualify you for most entry-level teaching jobs, a level 5 certification will give you a distinct advantage over the competition when applying.
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What is the minimum hours for TEFL?

As a rule, 120 hours of TEFL study will generally get you where you need to go, whether it's teaching online, or exploring your opportunities overseas. Taking a course with fewer hours puts you at a serious disadvantage as many employers won't look at an applicant if they don't meet the required 120 hours.
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How much does it cost to get TEFL certified?

How Much Does TEFL Certification Online Cost? The cost of a TEFL certification online can vary from $99 to $3,000 USD. However, cheaper courses under $1,000 typically do not meet recognized international standards and often do not include live practice teaching, which is required by most employers in the field.
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How many attempts are there in the TEFL?

Passing or Failing a course

You must complete all tests and achieve a pass mark of 70% or higher to successfully pass the course. You will have three attempts for each quiz and 2 attempts for each assignment. Should you fail to meet the required marks, TEFL Graduate reserves the right to fail you.
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How many hours is level 5 TEFL?

The 180 Hour level 5 TEFL Diploma is an internationally recognised lifetime qualification issued by The TEFL Institute.
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Is an online TEFL course recognised?

Yes, TEFL is a legitimate field of study and certification that can be beneficial for those who want to teach English as a foreign language abroad or online. It is important to choose a reputable TEFL course provider that is accredited by recognized organizations and offers comprehensive training.
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Is TEFL not worth it?

Not every school requires one, but it always helps you stand out when applying to work abroad. In some cases, a TEFL degree might not be a worthwhile pursuit, especially if you have no interest in foreign teaching. But getting one could still provide cultural perspective and practice with general teaching skills.
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Is Level 3 TEFL worth it?

Online TEFL Course, Level 3 Certificate (120hrs)

It is the best option if you want to find casual work teaching English, such as volunteer teaching, teaching whilst backpacking, plus some online roles.
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Is it worth getting a TEFL qualification?

Although not every position or teach abroad destination requires it, a TEFL certificate is a surefire way to increase your employment prospects, earn a higher salary, and feel comfortable in the classroom. Not only that, but a TEFL certification provides essential professional skills that are useful in any career.
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How many days does 120 hours take?

120 Hours is 5 Days.
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How long is 120 hours in college?

If you are thinking about 120 hours as college, then you are looking at about 4 years.
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