Is French a good subject for GCSE?

GCSE French is often seen as a valuable qualification for students looking to demonstrate a basic proficiency in a second language, which can be beneficial for a wide range of career paths.
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Is French a good GCSE?

Having a high grade in GCSE French can provide numerous benefits in life, with improved job prospects being one of the most important. When applying for a job, employers often look for qualifications that demonstrate a person's hard work, language capabilities and ability to communicate effectively.
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Should I choose French or Spanish for GCSE?

Spanish is more phonetic than, say, French or German, which may take the pressure off, especially if you're taking on a lot of subjects. A GCSE in a language is a great qualification to add to your CV but if you find it easier to learn in a phonetic way, Spanish is a clear choice.
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How hard is it to get a 9 in GCSE French?

Achieving a 9 in GCSE French is an attainable goal, but it takes hard work and dedication. Preparing for the exam requires more than just memorizing vocabulary: you need to develop strategies to ensure success. Building your vocabulary is essential; as well as mastering grammar and syntax.
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What is the hardest language for GCSE?

Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)

Learning a modern foreign language, such as French, German, or Spanish, can pose significant challenges for students. The need to grasp new vocabulary, grammar rules, and pronunciation can be daunting.
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How to Get a Grade 9 in GCSE French: Easier Than You Think!

What are the 5 hardest GCSEs?

So, without further ado, let's look at the hardest GCSE subjects:
  • Physics.
  • English Literature.
  • Maths.
  • Computer Science.
  • Economics.
  • Biology.
  • English Language.
  • Modern Foreign Languages.
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What's the easiest GCSE to pass?

GCSE pass rates by subject (ranked easiest to hardest)
  • Chemistry (~90% Pass rate)
  • German (~78% Pass rate)
  • Music (~78% Pass rate)
  • Art and Design (~78% Pass rate)
  • Drama (~78% Pass rate)
  • English Literature (~75% Pass rate)
  • Physical Education (~70% Pass rate)
  • Maths (~70% Pass rate) Achieve GCSE Greatness!
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How rare is all 9s GCSE?

By taking a weighted average (weights in column B) of the values in column F we can estimate that less than 0.03 per cent of candidates (that is, less than 3 in 10,000) would be expected to achieve straight grade 9s across 10 gCSEs.
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Is French GCSE hard?

Is the marking tougher? Evidence that it is hard to get a good mark in French, German and Spanish GCSEs is well documented. On average, pupils get half a grade lower than in other Ebacc subjects.
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What is the average GCSE grade for French?

Across the UK, a greater proportion of students achieved good passes in French in 2023 compared to all GCSE subjects. A total of 71.2% of pupils achieved grade 4/C or higher in French compared to 68.2% for all subjects.
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Is the French GCSE easy?

In this blog, Nick, an experienced French teacher and tutor, outlines 10 top tips to securing a level 9 in GCSE French. As you will see, achieving a level 9 is not easy but given some good planning, plenty of time and great motivation, you should find it isn't impossible!
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Do you need French GCSE for university?

With the exception of English and Maths, and in a few cases a Modern Foreign Language, most universities have no universal entry requirements in terms of specific GCSE subjects.
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What is the best GCSE to have?

Choosing your GCSEs
  • If you are looking for a future career or course in science then choose double or triple Science.
  • If you want to have a career in art or design in the future, then choose an arts focused GCSE.
  • if you want to deal with customers from other countries or work abroad then a language will be very useful.
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What happens if you fail French GCSE?

If you do not pass a GCSE exam, you will typically have the opportunity to retake the exam in November or during the next exam period. You can also retake individual subjects or retake the entire suite of exams, depending on your individual situation and goals.
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How do you get an A in French?

To study A-Level French effectively, it's important to practice regularly, immerse yourself in the language as much as possible, and focus on areas where you need improvement. You should also try to read and listen to authentic French materials, such as news articles, podcasts, and films.
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How many people get a 9 in GCSE French?

Here are the trends in the latest French GCSE results for summer 2021. The proportion of grade 9 results achieved by students in the language, equivalent to a high A* under the old GCSE system, rose to 8.9 per cent, compared to 7.9 per cent in 2020 and 4.5 per cent in 2019.
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How do I pass my French GCSE?

Practise as much as you can by doing GCSE French past papers, which can be downloaded here. That way you'll know the sort of questions to expect in the exam. Research shows that testing regularly will help to improve your French but it's important to focus on recall not just repetition.
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Why is French GCSE important?

Why is French important? Having an additional language will enhance your job prospects, develops your logical thinking skills and broaden your knowledge of other cultures. Learning languages will also equip learners with essential learning skills of literacy and numeracy.
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Is French an easy subject?

French is an easy language to learn. There are many methods on the market that make learning French enjoyable for children and adults alike.
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How many 9s do you need for Oxford?

Yes, your grades will need to really dazzle. GCSEs are seen as evidence of work ethic – and you need a really strong one of those to cope with studying at Oxford or Cambridge. Our guesstimate is that the average successful applicant has around eight 8/9 grade GCSEs under their belt.
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Is a grade 6 good?

| High Grade 6 is equivalent to a high Grade B. Grade 4 is the Standard Pass grade. Grade 5 is a Strong Pass grade. Although Grade 4 is a Standard Pass, many colleges and sixth forms want students to achieve a minimum number of Grades 5 and 6 in their GCSE results.
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What is 78 in GCSE grades?

According to this illustration, grade 4 requires 56 - 66 per cent, grade 5 requires 67 - 77 per cent and grade 6 requires 78 - 88 per cent.
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What is the least picked GCSE?

According to TES magazine, the five least popular GCSE subjects, based on the number of students sitting them are:
  • Welsh as a second language. If you live in Wales then Welsh is one of the compulsory subjects that every student must take. ...
  • Manufacturing. ...
  • Other sciences. ...
  • General studies. ...
  • Classical subjects.
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What is the least passed GCSE?

To pass you need at least a Grade 4 or Grade 5. Grades 1 to 3 are like the old D to G. The U grade, meaning “ungraded”, remains the same.
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Is failing 1 GCSE bad?

If the subject failed has no relevance to the subject you are looking to study and you have at least a 5 in both Maths and English then your GCSE grades aren't going to be as important as your predicted grades. You will still need to be tested to get in and that is more important than GCSEs.
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