Is Oxford more fun than Cambridge?

If you're after a bustling city, Oxford is livelier and busier than Cambridge, but it's still small enough to cover on foot. The city may appeal to culture fans with its museums and galleries – and it's got more shops, too. Oxford has more in the way of nightlife than Cambridge with more bars and clubs.
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Which is more fun Oxford or Cambridge?

Oxford, being that much bigger than Cambridge, is generally considered to be a bit livelier, and Cambridge prettier. Let's be honest though: both are gorgeous places to be and both have a selection of great places to hang out.
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Which one is prettier Oxford or Cambridge?

In terms of differences between the two locations, Cambridge is generally considered a little prettier, while Oxford has a bit more going on – but of course this will depend on who you ask.
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Is Oxford or Cambridge more respected?

Below is the Times Higher Education ranking which places the University of Oxford in the top spot for universities globally. But here we see the QS World University Rankings 2023 with Cambridge in second place and Oxford down in fourth.
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Why choose Oxford over Cambridge?

Oxford is the UK's oldest university, meaning it has an even richer history and set of traditions than Cambridge. If you like the idea of being associated with the first-ever university in British history, that's really not something you can get anywhere else.
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Oxford or Cambridge: Which Should You Visit? | Let's Walk!

Should I go to Oxford or Cambridge?

Both Oxford and Cambridge are great college towns, but for different reasons. If you want to live in a quaint, student-run city, you'll like Cambridge. You'll like Oxford if you are more interested in living in a busy, big city where your university is only part of the entire city.
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Which is richer Oxford or Cambridge?

Of all of the colleges of Oxford and Cambridge, Trinity College, Cambridge is the wealthiest. How wealthy? Cambridge University as a whole has assets of approximately £4 billion, with Oxford coming second with £3.3 billion, and all other British universities – yes, all of them – totalling £2 billion.
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Is Oxford as good as Harvard?

Harvard is ranked second in National Universities, first in Global Universities by U.S. News, and first by the Round University Ranking, while Oxford is ranked first in Best Global Universities in Europe, fifth in Best Global Universities by U.S. News, and second by the QS World University Rankings.
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Is Oxford as prestigious as Harvard?

They have consistently ranked among the top 10 institutes in the global rankings. According to the world university rank 2023, Oxford University ranked top and Harvard University ranked second in the list, whilst in the QS world university list Oxford University ranked fourth and Harvard University ranked fifth.
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Is Cambridge safer than Oxford?

Both Oxford and Cambridge are among the safest cities in Britain – surveys differ on which is safer and how they compare to other British cities, but it's fair to say that for their size, there is unusually little crime in both, especially in the student areas in and around the city centre.
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Is Oxford and Cambridge Ivy League?

Despite its fame and reputation, Oxford University, located in the U.K., is not counted as an Ivy League university. The top eight schools in the USA are collectively known as the Ivy League. Princeton, Columbia, Dartmouth, Brown, Pennsylvania, Cornell, Harvard, and Yale make up the Ivy League.
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Is Oxford still prestigious?

A world-class university

The QS World University Rankings 2024: Top global universities place Oxford in the top 3 universities in the world and second in Europe.
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How do Oxford and Cambridge differ?

Oxford tends to be known as a bit larger and livelier than Cambridge. Cambridge is thought of as quieter and more picturesque.
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Can you have fun at Oxford?

One of the many myths about Oxford is that there is no time to have fun. Alongside your college community you will be able to develop your interests, old or new, through over 400 clubs and societies, many of them University-wide.
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Why is Oxford so popular?

The most obvious reason for Oxford's fame is the university. It's the second oldest in the world (allegedly), educator of 28 Nobel Prize winners, and often cited as the best university on the planet.
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Is Oxford worth a day trip?

A highly walkable city, you can easily cover most of Oxford's center in a day, but if you really want to take in each cultural sight with care, a longer trip is needed.
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Is it harder to get into Ivy League or Oxford?

The short-answer based on acceptance rates is that statistically it would appear to be harder to get into an Ivy League School. But the caveat here is the emphasis the Ivies and Oxbridge place of different factors in making admissions decisions.
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Is Yale better than Oxford?

Yale University jumps three spots to third place, while the University of Cambridge claims fourth and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Oxford tie in fifth. Princeton University and Harvard University are ranked seventh and eighth, respectively.
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Is MIT better than Oxford University?

Oxford was followed in the THE World Rankings 2024 by Stanford University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) which placed second and third, respectively.
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Is it easier to get into Oxford or Harvard?

Oxford vs Harvard: Acceptance Rates

As of 2023, Harvard's acceptance rate is 4%. Half of the applicants accepted at Harvard have an SAT score between 1480 and 1580. On the other hand, Oxford's acceptance rate of about 17.5% is appealing.
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Is Oxford cheaper than Harvard?

The average cost for a degree at Harvard University is about 221,000 USD, which is over 2.4 times the salary of someone who makes 91,000 USD annually. This means that it will take 2.4 years, or 4 semesters following graduation, to break even. The average cost of a degree from Oxford University is about 173,000 USD.
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Is Oxford full of rich people?

Oxford University alumni make up the largest proportion of The Sunday Times UK Rich List, a study has shown, higher than both Cambridge and Imperial graduates. The list records the 1000 richest people in the UK annually.
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Do you have to be rich to go to Oxford?

You don't have to be rich to go to Oxford or Cambridge. In some ways, these universities are better able to look after less well-off students. While I was at Cambridge I received lots of different grants and bursaries. The largest amount of money came from a fund to support students from families on lower incomes.
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Do you have to be rich to live in Oxford?

Laura Wilson, who is deputy manager of the Agnes Smith Advice Centre, in Blackbird Leys Road, which helps people with financial concerns, said: “There is a real inequality in Oxford. “People are living in poverty in Blackbird Leys and yet many in other parts of the city are wealthy.
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