What are the advantages and disadvantages of OBE?

The largest advantage is that it is the easiest to assess. The HUGE disadvantage is that it does not focus on really knowing anything on a long term basis for the students. It is also unfair to assess teachers that way.
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What are disadvantages of OBE?

Drawbacks of OBE

By outlining specific outcomes, a holistic approach to learning is lost. Learning can find itself reduced to something that is specific, measurable, and observable. As a result, outcomes are not yet widely recognized as a valid way of conceptualizing what learning is about.
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What are the positive effects of OBE?

Results and conclusion: It is confirmed that OBE develops a learner's Fundamental knowledge, problem-solving skills, research skills, technical skills, social skills, ethical values, communication skills, project management skills, and life-long skills that have a significant impact on one's career.
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What are the key issues in OBE?

4 Major Challenges of OBE
  • Planning Curriculum.
  • Analyzing Assessment Pattern.
  • Managing Records of Students.
  • Analyzing Student Database.
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What are the main concerns with OBE?

One of the most significant challenges of implementing OBE is the shift in educational philosophy it requires. Traditional education models are primarily teacher-centered, while OBE is student-centered.
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What is Outcome Based Education? | Implementation of OBE Software | Mapping CO and PO

Why do people refuse an OBE?

As to why, many people decline because they feel they deserve a higher honour than the one on offer. This is a silly, short-sighted attitude because few people go from nothing straight to a knighthood/damehood for example, which is the top honour.
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Why would someone decline an OBE?

Some potential recipients have rejected one honour then accepted another (such as Sir Alfred Hitchcock), or have initially refused an honour then accepted it, or have accepted one honour then declined another (such as actor Robert Morley) or refused in the hope of another higher distinction (Roald Dahl refused being ...
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What are the 4 components of OBE?

OBE Components

OBE comprises of four (4) major components which cover (1) curriculum design, (2) teaching and learning methods, (3) assessment, and (4) continual quality improvement (CQI) and monitoring.
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What are the 4 basic principles of OBE?

  • Principles of OBE. The four principles of OBB cited by Spady (1996) are: 1) clarity of focus, 2) designing. ...
  • This UbD is OBE and OBTL in principle and in practice. Identifying desired results is. ...
  • assessment task is already identified at this stage. Identifying the evidence of learning right.
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What is OBE and its importance?

1. What is the definition of “Outcome Based Education”? Outcome-based education (OBE) is education in which an emphasis is placed on a clearly articulated idea of what students are expected to know and be able to do, that is, what skills and knowledge they need to have, when they leave the school system.
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What are the characteristics of OBE?

Characteristics of OBE

OBE is criterion referenced, i.e. it measures the learner=s achievement against a set of predetermined criteria and not in relation to the achievement of other learners. OBE makes use of clearly stated outcomes and assessment criteria.
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What are the 3 outstanding characteristics of OBE?

Give and explain 3 characteristics of OBE.
  • It is student centered -refers to instructional practices that shift the focus of learning. ...
  • It is faculty driven – where faculty are committed to teaching and serving students; ...
  • It is meaningful – refers to the concept that the learned knowledge is fully understood.
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What are expanded opportunities in OBE?

Expanded opportunity, meaning expanding the ways and numbers of times kids get a chance to learn and demonstrate a particular outcome; 3. High expectations, meaning getting rid of the bell-curve and all students should achieve at the highest level; 4.
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What are advantages of outcomes?

There are several advantages to having course learning outcomes including: Setting shared expectations between students and instructors. Helping students learn more effectively. Providing clear direction for educators when making instruction and assessment decisions.
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What are some disadvantages of outcome measures?

The use of outcomes and other performance measures can have adverse unintended consequences. In particular, the outcome measures may end up driving a program's work. The measures a program employs define—implicitly, if not explicitly—what is and what is not important.
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How does OBE differ from other curriculum?

The main focus is on the teacher, whereas OBE is student-centric, focussing on both the learners and the students. It is a more interactive model, where students interact with each other, and teachers share feedback and reviews to develop their skills. It also encourages self-learning.
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What are the two types of OBE?

This results-based learning system specifically seeks to carry out learning, understanding and skills in interpreting things, there are several types of OBE Teamwork Good management Reaching the vision and mission that we need to understand, namely as shown in the table below; 1) Traditional or Conventional OBE which ...
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What are the two approaches of OBE?

The second approach emphasises long- term, cross-curricular outcomes that are related directly to students' future life roles (such as being a productive worker or a responsible citizen or a parent). These two approaches correspond to what Spady (1994) calls traditional/transitional OBE and transformational OBE.
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What are the teaching methods in OBE?

Structural set-up of Teaching-Learning under OBE:
  • Decide teaching/training components for each course outcome.
  • Theory (for understanding)
  • Practical (to develop skill)
  • Seminar (for communication skill)
  • Problems.
  • Assignments.
  • Project (small, group etc)
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Is OBE a curriculum?

In OBE the curriculum is carefully constructed by first determining the outcomes, then designed backwards by: carefully determining authentic assessments (how will we know?) choosing/building relevant learning activities and experiences. selecting appropriate content.
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What is OBE framework?

OBE is an educational process which is based on trying to achieve certain specified outcomes in terms of individual student learning.
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Who deserves an OBE?

Officer of the Order of the British Empire ( OBE )

This is awarded for having a major local role in any activity, including people whose work has made them known nationally in their chosen area.
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Who has rejected OBE?

With the New Year's honours list released last night, here's some notable names that have rejected becoming an order of the British Empire.
  • David Bowie. The singer and songwriter turned down honours twice. ...
  • Stephen Hawking. ...
  • Jon Snow. ...
  • John Lennon. ...
  • Ken Loach. ...
  • Benjamin Zephaniah. ...
  • Danny Boyle.
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Can an OBE be taken back?

Yes. It is possible to remove an honour on the advice of the Forfeiture Committee and with the approval of the Sovereign. What behaviour is expected from a person who has an honour? Both we and the wider community expect recipients of honours to be, and to remain, good citizens and role models.
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Why did Stephen Hawking refuse knighthood?

Stephen Hawking

The legendary scientist was apparently offered a knighthood back in the 1990s but he decided to turn it down. His decision was reported to be due to the UK Government's science-funding decisions.
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