What are the features of a good curriculum?

What Does an Effective Curriculum Look Like?
  • Adapts to an Evolving World. ...
  • Contains Research-based Teaching Techniques. ...
  • Encourages Collaboration. ...
  • Meets the Needs of the Students. ...
  • Establishes Quantifiable Objectives. ...
  • Align Your Curriculum to the School's Core Values. ...
  • State Your Learning Objectives.
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What are the characteristics of a good curriculum?

A good curriculum makes space for the recognition of each learner's personal, social and cognitive capacities, and respects differences in the ways in which children prefer to learn. It will support teachers in leading, assisting and encouraging each student to achieve his or her potential.
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What are the features of the curriculum?

Let's look at examples of how to align curriculum and instruction to the elements of the Curriculum That Matters Framework, and how doing so can impact student learning. These five elements include practices, deep thinking, social and emotional learning, civic engagement, and equity.
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What are the 7 criteria of a good curriculum?

Seven common criteria emerge: rigorous, rewarding, real, requires independence, rich in thinking, revealing, and reflective. I present these here as guidelines for the planning, enacting, and evaluating of a curriculum focused on understanding.
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What makes a curriculum good?

An effective curriculum also provides a roadmap of what students are expected to learn. Mapping a course of instruction that includes formative assessment ensures that diverse learners receive a thoughtful, responsive course of study designed to prepare them to meet grade-level learning goals.
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Curriculum - Meaning, Definition, Nature and Characteristics of Curriculum | Part 1 | Priya Sigroha

What are the 3 important components of a successful curriculum?

  • Components of an Effective Curriculum Development Process. A. Planning: Convening a Curriculum Development Committee. ...
  • B. Articulating and Developing: Articulating a K-12 Program Philosophy. Defining K-12 Program, Grade-Level and Course Goals. ...
  • C. Implementing: Putting the New Program into Practice. D.
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What are the five 5 basic components of a curriculum?

There are five key elements to successful curriculum design:
  • Clear Purpose.
  • Strong Beliefs.
  • Big Ideas.
  • Common, Timely, and Purposeful Assessments.
  • Collaborative Design, Review, and Annual Revisions.
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What are the 4 C's in curriculum?

The 21st century learning skills are often called the 4 C's: critical thinking, creative thinking, communicating, and collaborating. These skills help students learn, and so they are vital to success in school and beyond.
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What are the four different parts to a good curriculum?

From a UDL perspective, we think of four components to a curriculum: the goals, the methods, the materials, and the assessment.
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What are the six features of the curriculum?

The six (6) Features of a curriculum are: Who teaches? -The Teacher Who do the teachers teach? -Knowledge, Skills, Values - How much of the teaching was learned? -Performance - with whom do we teach?
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How do you evaluate a curriculum?

Methods for Evaluating Curriculum Effectiveness
  1. Analyzing Assessment Results. One of the most common methods for evaluating curriculum effectiveness is analyzing assessment results. ...
  2. Collecting Feedback from Learners and Teachers. ...
  3. Conducting Research Studies. ...
  4. Observing Classroom Instruction.
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What is an example of a curriculum?

What is a curriculum example? For example, a school may use an accredited curriculum for language arts featuring numerous tools for delivering academic content: workbooks, presentation slides, activity suggestions, etc.
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What is a curriculum structure?

The curriculum for each subject or discipline is made up of a set of learning expectations that outline the knowledge and skills students are expected to learn and apply by the end of a grade or course. For each subject, expectations are arranged into sections (or strands) to help with organization.
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What are the 7 stages of curriculum development?

Table of Contents:
  • Development or identification of general competencies.
  • Organizing competencies into specific themes.
  • Establishing criteria for performance.
  • Creating learning experiences.
  • Assessing competency.
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of the curriculum.
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What are the objectives of curriculum?

To stimulate intellectual curiosity and develop students' interest in learning. To stimulate clear and critical thinking, and informed decision-making. To develop students' ability to tackle a problem, evaluate solutions and fully sustain a discussion.
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What is core curriculum characteristics?

The following are the characteristics of core curriculum:

(iii) The core curriculum is characterized by a common scheme of studies. (iv) It encourages the use of the problem solving technique to face different problems. (v) Learning experiences are based on local situations.
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Which components of the curriculum is most important?

Learning objectives are a critical element of the curriculum. Learning objectives guide instructors to formulate assessment procedures, learning activities, and teaching strategies. Learning objectives should have 4 elements: audience, behavior, condition and degree.
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What is the best types of curriculum?

Let's take a look at some of the popular curriculum types that are in use:
  • Written Curriculum. ...
  • Covert Curriculum. ...
  • Subject-Centered Curriculum. ...
  • Student-Centered Curriculum. ...
  • Activity Centered Curriculum. ...
  • Teacher-Centered Curriculum. ...
  • Integrated Curriculum. ...
  • Assessed Curriculum.
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What four questions must a curriculum answer?

Tyler's Four Fundamental Questions:
  • What educational purposes should the school seek to attain?
  • What educational learning experiences can be provided that are likely to attain these purposes?
  • How can these educational experiences be effectively organized?
  • How can we determine whether these purposes are being attained?
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What are the 5 E's in education?

The findings of Atkin and Karplus directly informed the creation of the 5E Model, which focuses on allowing students to understand a concept over time through a series of established steps, or phases. These phases include Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, and Evaluate.
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How to teach 4cs?

3 Simple Steps to the 4 C's
  1. Step 1: Prompt Critical and Creative Thinking. After introducing and modeling a new concept, prompt students to think critically and creatively about it. ...
  2. Step 2: Prompt Communication and Collaboration. ...
  3. Step 3: Present. ...
  4. Scheduling the Steps.
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What is the 4th principle of curriculum planning?

4) Principle of integration

The curriculum should be planned in such a way that varied subjects could be added at different stages of education. Similarly, the existing subjects should be able to integrate with other subjects apart from enabling the students to correlate with the content.
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What is a creative curriculum?

Simply put, a creative curriculum is one in which students learn through creative and active teaching strategies. Creative curriculum gets beyond rote learning and focuses on big ideas, interesting projects, and individual students' passions and needs.
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How is a curriculum designed?

Curriculum design focuses on the creation of the overall course blueprint, mapping content to learning objectives, including how to develop a course outline and build the course. Each learning objective is met with assessment strategies, exercises, content, subject matter analysis, and interactive activities.
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What does an outstanding curriculum look like?

has clearly defined aims but is flexible at the point of delivery. has the key skills of literacy and numeracy at its core. emphasizes the importance of communication skills. draws on the local context including the environment, history and expertise.
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