What does it mean to study independently?

Independent study is a form of educational activity undertaken by an individual student with little to no supervision. A student and their professor will generally agree upon a topic for the student to research with minimal instruction and guidance from the professor for an agreed upon number of academic credits.
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What is the meaning of independent learning?

Independent learning is a way or process of learning in which learners have control and ownership of their learning. They regulate, direct, and evaluate their learning and learn due to their actions. The independent learner can make informed choices, set goals, and make decisions about how to fulfil his learning needs.
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What are independent studies examples?

Possible Courses of Independent Study
  • Art. Create a portfolio of paintings, drawings, or sculptures, try your hand at photography, or recreate famous works of art in various ways using household materials, volunteers, etc.
  • Technology. ...
  • Business. ...
  • Pop Culture. ...
  • Music.
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What does it mean to be academically independent?

University graduates are expected to be independent learners – to demonstrate initiative and the ability to manage themselves and their work. They should not require continuous instruction during their studies, or expect all knowledge to be given to them, or need their work to be constantly monitored.
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What is the meaning of independent research?

What is Independent Research? According to the College Bulletin, an independent research course "should be designed as original research and practice in presenting the results of an investigation".
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Jordan Peterson - Why it's so Hard to Sit Down and Study/Work

What is the best definition of independent?

not influenced or controlled by others in matters of opinion, conduct, etc.; thinking or acting for oneself: an independent thinker. not subject to another's authority or jurisdiction; autonomous; free: an independent businessman.
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What does independent mean in one word?

Some common synonyms of independent are autonomous, free, and sovereign. While all these words mean "not subject to the rule or control of another," independent implies a standing alone; applied to a state it implies lack of connection with any other having power to interfere with its citizens, laws, or policies.
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What does independent learning look like?

Put simply, independent learning is when pupils set goals, monitor and evaluate their own academic development, so they can manage their own motivation towards learning.
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What is the objective of independent study?

Purpose: Independent Study is a way of exploring an area in more depth between a faculty director and a student who already know one another, or when the project falls in an area with which the student has some prior familiarity. Low priority should be given to requests that duplicate existing courses.
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What is another word for independent learning?

Academic discourse abounds with synonyms to describe 'independent learning': 'autonomous learning, independent study, selfdirected learning, student initiated learning, project orientation, discovery and inquiry, teaching for thinking, learning to learn, self instruction and lifelong learning' (Kesten, 1987:9).
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What is independent study strategy?

With independent learning, students do their own research and ask questions, rather than relying solely on the materials that their teacher or instructor hands them. They also take ownership of their educational path by setting their own goals and monitoring their progress.
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Is independent study a good idea?

Independent study can be a great option for some pupils; however, it may not be the right option for every pupil who is not thriving in a regular classroom setting. Some pupils might be better served in an educational option that is classroom-based and offers a smaller learning environment and more individualization.
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What is independent student research?

Independent research is basically a rigorous investigation into an academic question. What you study and the way you go about doing the research can vary widely between academic disciplines and scientific fields, but what connects all projects is a step-by-step approach to trying to answer the question.
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What skills are needed for independent learning?

8 Skills As An Independent Learner
  • Critical Thinker. ...
  • Strong Independent Study Skills. ...
  • Ability To Set Personal Goals. ...
  • Strong Work Ethic. ...
  • Intrinsic Motivation. ...
  • Ability To Create Their Own Structure. ...
  • Understanding That Mistakes Happen and Learn From Them. ...
  • Measures Progress.
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What are the four stages of independent learning?

As a means of better understanding the processes involved in this mode of study, this Teaching Tip outlines components of four key stages to independent learning, known as self-directed learning: 1) being ready to learn, 2) setting learning goals, 3) engaging in the learning process, and 4) evaluating learning.
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What are the disadvantages of independent learning?

Cons of Individual Learning

Some children will learn better by interacting with others than by learning independently. Again, independent learning limits the child's ability to learn teamwork. Since individual learning allows kids to learn at their pace, it can be time-consuming, especially for slow learners.
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Are independent studies hard?

Taking an independent study can be more difficult than a traditional course because you have to keep yourself on track. While you will have an adviser to supervise the course, you will be the one in charge of making sure you are completing enough work; there will be no teacher to give you assignments every day.
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How to learn independently?

Go solo: Practice working on your own for long periods of time without seeking the help of an adult. Different sources: When doing research, try to draw from a variety of different sources. Be persistent: If a task is challenging, don't give up. Keep at it until you understand what you need to do.
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What is expected from you in independent learning?

Independent learning requires a lot of self-motivation, organisation and also a self-awareness of your learning needs and behaviours. Although a step up from previous school work or college this way of learning will help develop your creativity, intellectual curiosity, and problem-solving abilities.
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What is the difference between independent and independant?

“Independent” is an adjective and a noun and means not to be subjected to the control of others or someone who is not controlled by other forces. “Independant” is a common spelling mistake and does not exist.
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What does independent mean in a sentence?

independent adjective (NOT INFLUENCED)

independent of They all made the same comment, quite independent of each other (= without deciding together to do so). An independent politician does not agree or vote with any particular political party.
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Does independence mean alone?

Being alone is a physical characteristic derived from the perceived lack of entities within your vicinity. Lonely is the mental acknowledgement of a lack of desired entities within your vicinity. Independent is the quality of accomplishing goals without want or need for assistance.
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Is independent good or bad?

Ross emphasized that independence isn't inherently “bad”; it is often a good thing. But if your level of independence is reaching the point where it's negatively impacting your relationships or causing you anxiety, that's when it's likely too much.
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Is an independent person good?

This can lead to greater happiness and fulfillment, as individuals can live life on their own terms and pursue what makes them happy. In conclusion, being independent is important for personal growth and development, financial stability, self-sufficiency, creativity, and happiness.
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What does independent woman mean?

An independent woman is not afraid to be alone. She embraces solitude without hesitation. She can solve issues and complete tasks comfortably on her own. She can eat alone, drive alone, stroll alone, and so on, since she is not reliant on the presence of others.
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