What field do most millionaires come from?

Here are some occupations often associated with a higher likelihood of producing millionaires:
  • Entrepreneurs and Business Owners: ...
  • Investment Banking and Finance: ...
  • Technology and IT Executives: ...
  • Real Estate Developers and Investors: ...
  • Healthcare Professionals: ...
  • Lawyers, Corporate Attorneys, and Legal Professionals:
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What field makes the most millionaires?

Top 7 degrees that make the most millionaires
  • Engineering.
  • Economics/Finance.
  • Politics.
  • Mathematics.
  • Law.
  • MBA.
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What industry produces the most millionaires?

Financial Services

The financial service industry has created the most number of millionaires since modern times, according to the Wealth Report. In the business of money, people make a lot of money.
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Where do 90% of millionaires come from?

Real estate investment has long been a cornerstone of financial success, with approximately 90% of millionaires attributing their wealth in part to real estate holdings. In this article, we delve into the reasons why real estate is a preferred vehicle for creating millionaires and how you can leverage its potential.
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What field are most rich people in?

In broader terms, the finance and investment profession has the most millionaires. It also has the most billionaires, with 371. Here's a list of the seven best careers if you want to be a millionaire.
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Careers That Make The Most Millionaires

What are the top 3 millionaire jobs?

The top 5 careers of millionaires: 1. Engineer 2. Accountant (CPA) 3. Teacher 4.
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Which degree has most billionaires?

The most common college degrees among billionaires are business (22), economics (12) and engineering (11). Spanish businessman Amancio Ortega Gaona, worth $93 billion, is one of 10 billionaires on the list without any degree at all.
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What do most millionaires do for a living?

What do most millionaires do for a living and is making them great in the world? In the US, the most common occupations of millionaires are engineer, accountant and school teacher, in that order. Most of these are worth 1 to 3 million dollars.
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What do 90% of millionaires have in common?

Real estate investing has played a role in helping to create 90% of the world's millionaires.
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How many millionaires grew up poor?

Corley found that 41% of the 177 self-made millionaires he surveyed were reared in poor households. “Yet, somehow they managed to break out of their poverty as adults,” he said. One of the keys to their ability to get out of poverty was their willingness to take risks to get to the top.
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What is the easiest industry to get rich in?

6 Industries Most Likely to Make You a Millionaire
  • Technology Industry. Technology is the first industry most likely to make you a millionaire. ...
  • Insurance Industry. ...
  • Health Care Industry. ...
  • Media and Entertainment Industry. ...
  • Real Estate and Construction Industry. ...
  • Aerospace and Air Transportation Industry.
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Where do most millionaires make their money?

Many self-made millionaires have money coming in from several places, including their salaries, dividends from investments, income from rental properties and investments they have made in other business enterprises, to name a few examples. If one income stream slows down, there's another that can take its place.
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What business will make me a millionaire?

Real estate was a $237 billion industry in 2022, and has been growing at a steady rate of 4.2% per year on average. Due to this value and growth, real estate investing is a consistently reliable business model to start a million-dollar company, or even a billion-dollar company for a savvy business owner.
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What job pays $2 million a year?

Some of these jobs include investment bankers, surgeons, and CEOs of major corporations. However, there are a few other jobs that make a million or more per year that are not as well-known. One such job is a professional gambler.
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What skill makes the most millionaires?

  • Refusal to Accept Anything but Success & -Almost Blind- Confidence. ...
  • Independent Thinking. ...
  • Compounding Everything Using Multipliers. ...
  • Risk Tolerance. ...
  • Sales & Marketing. ...
  • Leadership, Networks & Team Building. ...
  • Emotional Intelligence. ...
  • Understanding Value.
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What are the top 5 professions of millionaires?


The top five careers for millionaires include engineer, accountant, teacher, management and attorney. 79% of millionaires did not receive any inheritance at all from their parents or other family members.
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What wealth puts you in the top 1%?

According to Credit Suisse, individuals with more than $1 million in wealth sit in the top 1 percent bracket. The billionaire class is $2.6 trillion richer than before the pandemic, even if billionaire fortunes slightly fell in 2022 after their record-smashing peak in 2021.
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What is the average IQ of millionaires?

The average IQ of self-made deca-millionaires (over $10M net worth) is 118. The average IQ of self-made* billionaires is 133. The average IQ of self-made deca-billionaires (over $10B net worth) is 151. Of note, average incomes correlate well with IQ, however there is a much lower correlation between IQ and net wealth.
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What is a good salary to live rich?

Based on that figure, an annual income of $500,000 or more would make you rich. The Economic Policy Institute uses a different baseline to determine who constitutes the top 1% and the top 5%. For 2021, you're in the top 1% if you earn $819,324 or more each year. The top 5% of income earners make $335,891 per year.
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What are the 3 things millionaires do not do?

He also identified three money habits that successful self-made millionaires avoid at all costs.
  • They don't have a wallet full of exclusive credit cards. ...
  • They avoid giving large gifts to their children, or supporting them financially as adults. ...
  • They don't spend hours managing their investments.
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Which industry has the most money?

Global Biggest Industries by Revenue in 2024
  • Global Life & Health Insurance Carriers. ...
  • Global Pension Funds. ...
  • Global Commercial Real Estate. ...
  • Global Car & Automobile Sales. ...
  • Global Direct General Insurance Carriers. ...
  • Global Commercial Banks. $2,823,3B.
  • Global Car & Automobile Manufacturing. $2,564,8B.
  • Global Tourism. $2,285,6B.
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What did Jeff Bezos major in?

Bezos was born in Albuquerque and raised in Houston and Miami. He graduated from Princeton University in 1986 with degrees in electrical engineering and computer science. He worked on Wall Street in a variety of related fields from 1986 to early 1994.
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How many billionaires are doctors?

Nine physician billionaires made Forbes' 37th annual list of the world's richest people in 2023. Here are the nine physician billionaires in the U.S., listed according to their rank.
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Does getting good grades make you rich?

A study of 700 millionaires by author Eric Barker found that millionaires do significantly worse than class toppers and valedictorians when it comes to grades. Their GPA is at least 0.7 points below the valedictorian GPA of 3.6. This interesting finding points out some dramatic truths about how college works.
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