What is the best IB subject combination?

For students taking the IB, you are advised to take at least two, and ideally three, of Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics at Higher Level. The most natural pairings are Biology and Chemistry, Chemistry and Physics, and Mathematics and Physics.
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What is the hardest IB subject combination?

Top 10 Hardest IBDP Subjects
  1. IB Maths Analysis & Approaches.
  2. IB Chemistry.
  3. IB History.
  4. IB English Literature.
  5. IB Computer Science.
  6. IB Maths Applications & Interpretations.
  7. IB Biology.
  8. IB Arabic B.
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What are the best subject combination?

The most common ones are listed below:
  • Physical Science + Maths.
  • Computer Education + Maths.
  • Computer Education + Language.
  • Commerce + Economics.
  • Social study + Language.
  • Economics + Maths.
  • Fine Art + Language.
  • Music + Language.
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Which IB subject is the easiest?

1. Business Management: Business Management stands out as one of the easiest subjects within Group 3. With average grades of 5.25 at HL and 5.11 at SL, it offers a practical approach to understanding business concepts, management principles, and organisational structures.
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What are the highest scoring subjects in IB?

The most popular IB subjects worldwide in 2020 were Mathematics, English, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. In terms of average scores, the IBO reports that the highest-scoring subjects in 2020 were English Literature and Mathematics, with average scores of 5.56 and 5.32, respectively.
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How to Choose IB Subjects; The Survival Guide on Making the Best IB Subject Choices For You!

What IB score is needed for Harvard?

Harvard University

Harvard University's IB score range is 39-44. While a high score can enhance your application, Harvard also looks for students who can contribute to their diverse community in unique ways.
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What is a good IB score for Ivy League?

Unlike their UK counterparts, US universities don't release official cut-off scores for the IB Diploma. Based on what the Oxbridge universities in the UK expect from IB applicants, an overall grade of 38+ would be well received by the Ivy Leagues. For the more selective universities, you're looking at around 40+.
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Which IB subjects should I pick?

You should pick the subjects you enjoy the most and are most likely to pursue at university at Higher Level, and keep Standard Level subjects the ones that you are required to study by the IB, and perhaps ones which capture your interest, but not enough to want to pursue them further.
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Is IB curriculum harder than AP?

Students say the IB program is more difficult. Here's why: You must score three or higher on your AP class final exam. You should be enrolled in the IB program plus complete the 4,000-word Extended Essay and 150 hours CAS (creativity, activity, service) requirements.
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Are IB classes harder than AP?

Some students argue that IB is more challenging because of the emphasis on critical thinking and the more application-focused evaluations. However, both IB and AP classes are considered college-level courses that many students find challenging.
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What are the top 3 most important subjects?

Most junior high schools consider these to be necessary subjects: English language arts. Science. Math.
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What are the 4 most important subjects?

  • Maths. Love it or hate it, maths is important for everyone. ...
  • English. Without English lessons you wouldn't be reading and understanding this article right now. ...
  • Geography. Geography is the perfect marriage of a soft science and a humanities subject.
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What is the most loved subject?

Mathematics and English Language were also the two most studied subjects among respondents. Unlike Mathematics, Music and History have varied proportions across countries. Just 3% of respondents from Saudi Arabia reported History as a favourite subject, compared to 16% of respondents from the USA.
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How many people fail IB?

Although you might believe that the number is 50% or less, there was around a 78% pass rate in the IB last year! That's around 4 out of every 5 students who are able to pass. The good news? That means you're quite likely to pass the IB as well!
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Which IB math is the easiest?

IB Mathematics SL AA has a manageable level as compared to HL AA. It also deals with rigorous mathematical concepts. IB Mathematics SL AI is the easiest of all four kinds. It deals with application-based mathematics.
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What's the hardest IB course?

  • The 5 Hardest IB subjects are Math HL, Chemistry HL, Physics HL , History HL and Biology HL.
  • Group 1 English A Literature SL Group 2 French AB SL Group 3 History HL Group 4 Math AI HL Group 5 Physics HL Group 6 Visual Arts / Music.
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Does MIT prefer AP or IB?

While AP and IB classes allow you to take the end-of-course exams for college credit, MIT generally does not accept the credit from these tests. The school wants all of its incoming freshmen to start at MIT on equal footing. However, MIT does grant credit for specific AP tests on which you score a five.
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Do colleges prefer IB or AP?

Generally, colleges do not think of one as better than the other. Both show your willingness to work hard and to take on some pretty significant intellectual endeavors. Both also give colleges a sense of where your interests lie based on the AP or IB classes you choose.
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Do colleges like IB more than AP?

As it turns out, colleges don't automatically consider AP or IB harder or more impressive on a transcript. Since IB is a rarer program, they can't penalize students for not taking it. Plus, there are huge differences in how both AP and IB courses are taught and graded at high schools across the country.
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Does IB look good for college?

One thing is for sure; by taking the IB Diploma, you automatically rise to the top of the admissions pool. US colleges love good grades, but what they love even more is to see that you've pushed yourself to get them.
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Do IB classes look good for college?

How Colleges View the IB Program. Colleges review applications holistically, but taking high-level IB courses in high school is a great way to stand out from other applicants. The IB program and the DP, in particular, enjoy “a high level of respect and recognition among the world's higher education institutions.”
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What is the ideal IB student?

IB learners strive to become inquirers, knowledgeable, thinkers, communicators, principled, open- minded, caring, risk-takers, balanced and reflective. These attributes represent a broad range of human capacities and responsibilities that go beyond intellectual development and academic success.
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Does Stanford prefer AP or IB?

Does Stanford prefer a particular curriculum? We do not have a preference for any particular curriculum. Some high schools offer Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, or A-Level classes, while other high schools offer equally demanding courses that neither carry a particular designation nor lead to an exam.
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Can you get a 5.0 GPA with IB?

A student typically receives 5.0 grade points for a class if they earn an "A" grade in an Honors, Advanced Placement (AP), or International Baccalaureate (IB) class and receives an extra point added to the non-weighted value for each lower grade (i.e., a B in an AP course is counted as 4.0, rather than 3.0).
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Is a 4 a bad IB score?

Each IB subject is assessed on a scale of 1 – 7 with a score of 4 considered a “passing grade”. This score is calculated based on a combination of internal and external assessments throughout the 11th and 12th grade years.
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