What issues must be considered by curriculum designers?

Curriculum planning should incorporate the 6 elements of effective teaching, from the Danielson Framework for Teaching:
  • Demonstrate knowledge of content and pedagogy;
  • Demonstrate the knowledge of students;
  • Set instructional outcomes;
  • Demonstrate knowledge of resources;
  • Design coherent instruction;
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What are the things to consider in designing a curriculum?

Steps in Curriculum Design
  • Step 1: Set The Purpose. What is the need for your curriculum? ...
  • Step 2: Work On A Curriculum Map. ...
  • Step 3: List The Intended Outcomes. ...
  • Step 4: Arrange Curriculum Content. ...
  • Step 5: Set Up The Curriculum Design Delivery. ...
  • Step 6: Produce Curriculum Product. ...
  • Step 7: Assess, Adapt, And Improve.
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What are the four considerations in curriculum design?

It also shows the interaction and relationships of the four essential phases of the curriculum development process: ( I) Planning, (II) Content and Methods, (III) Implementation, and (IV) Evaluation and Reporting.
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What are the learners issues that should be considered in curriculum development?

Consider these factors:
  • culture, language, and identity.
  • environments and spaces where the learning will happen (classroom, home)
  • demographics (age group, local connections, and affiliations)
  • learning-related data.
  • medical or health conditions.
  • knowledge of learner preferences, abilities, and interests.
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What are the central issues that influence curriculum design?

Factors influencing on curriculum development
  • Political factor. Politics affect curriculum development in numerous ways. ...
  • Social factor. Society has its own expectations about the aims and objectives that should be considered when designing the curriculum. ...
  • Economic factor. ...
  • Technological. ...
  • Environment. ...
  • Child psychology.
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What are the 3 major influences that affect curriculum?

There are many factors that influence curriculum design. Three of these main factors include technology, a multicultural society, and classroom management.
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What are the five factors that influence curriculum planning?

There are five (5) factors that affect curriculum design. These are (1) political, (2)social, (3) economic, (4) environmental and (5) technological. Discuss these factors in curriculum design.
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How social factors influence curriculum design?

The sociological aspects of the curriculum affects the development of the curriculum in the sense that there are certain factors which intervene in the curriculum development process due to cultural beliefs, societal expectations, values, norms and traditions emanating from the background of stakeholders.
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When planning a curriculum What should a teacher consider first?

Teachers make a curriculum plan by first determining what is most important for students to learn. The teacher considers both short-term and long-term goals. The teacher then decides the best method to deliver the content. The teacher also needs to include a plan to assess what the students have learned.
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What are the 7 stages of curriculum development?

Table of Contents:
  • Development or identification of general competencies.
  • Organizing competencies into specific themes.
  • Establishing criteria for performance.
  • Creating learning experiences.
  • Assessing competency.
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of the curriculum.
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What are the 4 C's in curriculum?

The 21st century learning skills are often called the 4 C's: critical thinking, creative thinking, communicating, and collaborating. These skills help students learn, and so they are vital to success in school and beyond.
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What are the 3 types of curriculum design?

Curriculum design can be segmented into three forms. These include subject-centered design, learner-centered design and problem-centered design.
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What are the six steps of curriculum design?

  • Step 1—Problem Identification and General Needs Assessment. ...
  • Step 2—Targeted Needs Assessment. ...
  • Step 3—Goals and Objectives. ...
  • Step 4—Educational Strategies. ...
  • Step 5—Implementation. ...
  • Step 6—Concepts for Evaluating the Effectiveness of the Curriculum.
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What does a teacher need to consider when implementing an effective curriculum?

What Does an Effective Curriculum Look Like?
  • Adapts to an Evolving World. ...
  • Contains Research-based Teaching Techniques. ...
  • Encourages Collaboration. ...
  • Meets the Needs of the Students. ...
  • Establishes Quantifiable Objectives. ...
  • Align Your Curriculum to the School's Core Values. ...
  • State Your Learning Objectives.
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What is the purpose of curriculum design?

Curriculum design focuses on the creation of the overall course blueprint, mapping content to learning objectives, including how to develop a course outline and build the course. Each learning objective is met with assessment strategies, exercises, content, subject matter analysis, and interactive activities.
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What does a curriculum plan look like?

A good curriculum plan should not just include academic subjects but also social-emotional learning objectives, fitness goals, and other important areas of development. It's important to have a well-rounded curriculum that meets the needs of all students in order to help them reach their full potential.
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What are the importance and factors affecting curriculum design?

Curriculum development is an integral function that depends on numerous political, economical, social, technological, and psychological factors. Right now, political (political instability) and technological (variety of innovations) factors affective curriculum development will be evaluated.
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What is the most influential factor in curriculum development?

Government policies and regulations: Curriculum development can be influenced by government policies and regulations, which may set standards and requirements for what students should be learning at different grade levels.
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What are the main determinants of curriculum?

There are four bases of any curriculum social forces, human development, the nature of learning and the nature of knowledge and cognition. Let us understand the importance and influence of these bases. The social forces in a society influence the functioning of schools directly as well as indirectly.
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What are two of the five influences on curriculum?

Let's look at examples of how to align curriculum and instruction to the elements of the Curriculum That Matters Framework, and how doing so can impact student learning. These five elements include practices, deep thinking, social and emotional learning, civic engagement, and equity.
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What are the elements most important aspects of curriculum planning?

From a UDL perspective, we think of four components to a curriculum: the goals, the methods, the materials, and the assessment. They are very closely interrelated in that the goal is the primary thing with which a lesson begins and the others line up to achieve that goal.
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What are the five principles in designing and developing a curriculum?

These include the principle of personalization, breadth, relevance, challenge and enjoyment. The principle of personalization and choice is one of the key principles of curriculum design.
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What are the 7 criteria of a good curriculum?

Seven common criteria emerge: rigorous, rewarding, real, requires independence, rich in thinking, revealing, and reflective. I present these here as guidelines for the planning, enacting, and evaluating of a curriculum focused on understanding.
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What are the six factors affecting curriculum implementation?

There are various factors that influence Curriculum Implementation like the learners, resource materials and facilities, the teacher, the school environment, culture and ideology, instructional supervision and assessment.
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Which model is best for curriculum development?

The Tyler method focuses on the content of the curriculum and how to communicate it best, making it excellent for a subject-based curriculum. The Taba method emphasizes the role of teachers as the facilitators of skill development in students.
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