Which is better research gate or Google Scholar?

They observed that ResearchGate found statistically significantly fewer citations than did Google Scholar, but more than both Scopus and Web of Science. Google Scholar always showed more citations for each individual journal than ResearchGate, though ResearchGate showed more citations than both WoS and Scopus.
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Is ResearchGate better than Google Scholar?

The results indicate that there are significantly high differences in publications and citations for the same authors captured by the two platforms, with Google Scholar having higher counts for a vast majority of the cases.
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What's better than Google Scholar?

The top list of academic search engines
  • Google Scholar.
  • BASE.
  • CORE.
  • Semantic Scholar.
  • Baidu Scholar.
  • RefSeek.
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Is ResearchGate a reliable source?

Academic reception of ResearchGate remains generally positive, as recent reviews of extant literature show an accepting audience with broad coverage of concepts.
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Does Google Scholar index from ResearchGate?

Yes, ResearchGate preprints can be indexed in Google Scholar. Google Scholar automatically crawls and indexes content from various academic sources, including preprint repositories, conference papers, and journal articles.
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Google Scholar vs. ResearchGate vs. Web of Science vs. Scopus

How credible is Google Scholar?

The quality and reliability of the sources indexed by Google Scholar can vary widely, and not all sources that appear in search results are peer-reviewed or credible. Therefore, it is important to carefully evaluate the sources you find, especially if you plan to use them in your own research.
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How good is Google Scholar for research?

It can be a good research source but should not be the only source you use. It's full- text versions of many items indexed are not available for free through on the web; however, many are accessible through the Library website. It has yet to reveal what criteria they are using to select "scholarly" material.
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What is the advantage of ResearchGate?

ResearchGate claims 15 million users, and it will help you connect with many researchers who aren't on It can also help you understand your readers through platform-specific metrics, and confirm your status as a helpful expert in your field with their “Q&A” feature.
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Can I use ResearchGate as a student?

It is primarily used as a social networking site for researchers to find collaborators and ask questions. However students can also use this site to access the resources provided.
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Who is ResearchGate competitor?

The closest competitor to are, and
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Why not to use Google Scholar?

Disadvantages of using Google Scholar:
  • Google Scholar's coverage is is wide-ranging but not comprehensive. ...
  • Google Scholar does not provide the criteria for what makes its results "scholarly". ...
  • Google Scholar does not allow users to limit results to either peer reviewed or full text materials or by discipline.
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Which is better PubMed or Google Scholar?

Additional databases beyond PubMed were not used for literature search as for other clinical topics, the search in PubMed has shown a higher specificity than Google Scholar, and a comparable sensitivity, suggesting that PubMed is an optimal tool for biomedical research [27] .
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Why should you choose to use Google Scholar instead of just Google?

Google Scholar is different. It searches the same kinds of scholarly books, articles, and documents that you search in the Library's catalog and databases. The scholarly, authoritative focus of Google Scholar distinguishes it from ordinary Google.
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How do I link my ResearchGate to Google Scholar?

Just click setting on your research gate profile, then select "Connect with services" --- where you find the google connect option and click it. You are done. it is a must that your paper has DOI on the research gate then google scholar will search it automatically.
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Is Everything on ResearchGate peer reviewed?

Research gate is not a journal or other form of publication outlet. It's a sort of researcher's facebook with an option to upload papers or preprints of papers that were published elsewhere. These are not peer-reviewed (again) by research gate.
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Can anyone access ResearchGate?

We strongly believe that scientific results should be accessible to everyone. That's why you're still welcome to browse ResearchGate and discover content such as publications, jobs, and discussions if you aren't a researcher without being registered.
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How much does ResearchGate cost?

Creating an account on ResearchGate is free. All ResearchGate members will be able to access content from the participating open access journals.
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Is ResearchGate free?

Additionally, you may click on "Download Full-text PDF" to view the full-text document. This also does not require an account. However, if prompted, you may join ResearchGate for free by creating a username and password.
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Is it legal to share full text on ResearchGate?

There is not a blanket rule for making full-text versions of articles available on ResearchGate. The specific journal publisher should be approached for details regarding sharing of articles on a public website.
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Is it OK to upload papers to ResearchGate?

You can add all kinds of work to ResearchGate, such as conference papers, preprints, or even negative results. Adding a variety of research is a great way to gain exposure for your work. More exposure leads to more feedback, collaboration, and sharing amongst experts.
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Is ResearchGate only for science?

ResearchGate is for you: the scientist, the clinician, the student, the engineer, the public health worker, the lab technician, the computer scientist.
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What counts as a read on ResearchGate?

For a publication, a 'read' is counted each time someone views the publication summary (such as the title, abstract, and list of authors), clicks on a figure linked to the publication (either directly on the publication page or via the home feed), or views or downloads the full-text, if there is one.
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What is Google Scholar best for?

Google Scholar provides a simple way to broadly search for scholarly literature. From one place, you can search across many disciplines and sources: articles, theses, books, abstracts and court opinions, from academic publishers, professional societies, online repositories, universities and other web sites.
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Does Google Scholar cost money?

Google Scholar (GS) is a free academic search engine that can be thought of as the academic version of Google. Rather than searching all of the indexed information on the web, it searches repositories of: publishers.
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Is Research Gate a database?

Researchgate is a commercial social network and database on the Internet for researchers from all fields of science. It is also used as a document server for publications.
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