Why choose USC over UCLA?

USC may cost more than UCLA, but the small 9-to-1 student-to-faculty ratio gives you an educational experience few other schools offer. Smaller classes let USC faculty use different teaching styles and let you contribute to classroom discussions more often.
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Is USC better than UCLA?

UCLA: Which College Is Better? Each student should decide which school is better in terms of meeting their academic interests and personal needs. Both schools match up in many ways. They are both highly ranked — USC is 25th and UCLA is 20th in the U.S. News & World Report national rankings, respectively.
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Why is USC so desirable?

Ultimately, USC is known for its famous and sunny location, its high-quality and student-centered academics, notable alumni, thriving campus life, diversity, dominant athletics, school spirit, and fun traditions.
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Why should I choose USC?

The University of Southern California is one of the US's most prominent universities, with alumni including over 150 recipients of the Pulitzer and Nobel Prizes, Academy, Emmy, and Grammy awards, as well as the National Endowment for the Humanities.
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Why do so many people want to go to USC?

Social Scene. USC is also a big school (20,000 undergraduates), with a very wide selection of majors. At the same time, it has a pretty desirable student-teacher ratio (9:1). In essence, it's a private school with a public appeal, that can also very much be liberal arts/arts school when it wants to be.
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Why I preferred USC over UCLA?

Why is USC so much more expensive than UCLA?

The primary difference between UCLA and USC is that the first is a public institution while the second is private. That means that UCLA is primarily funded through state government allocations and USC money is from student tuition and private donors.
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What is a quirky fact about USC?

10 Fun Facts About USC
  • The University of Southern California Mascot is not Tommy Trojan; it is actually Traveler the Horse.
  • When USC first opened, tuition was $15.00 per term, and students were not allowed to leave town without the knowledge and consent of the university president.
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What type of person should go to USC?

However, when USC evaluates your application, they do take into account your potential to be a good fit for the USC environment. Successful applicants are generally quite strong academically, but leadership and community involvement are important factors, as well as talent and character.
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What are 3 interesting facts about USC?

Facts and Stats
  • A Leading Private Research University. In its comprehensive 2022 ranking, The Wall Street Journal and Times Higher Education ranked USC 19th among more than 1,000 public and private universities. ...
  • Financial Aid Awarded. ...
  • Community Partnerships. ...
  • Sponsored Research.
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What is USC best known for academically?

The most popular majors at University of Southern California include: Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services; Visual and Performing Arts; Social Sciences; Communication, Journalism, and Related Programs; Engineering; Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies; Computer and Information Sciences and Support ...
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Is USC only for rich people?

We need to deconstruct the idea that only the wealthy can make it to college. That is not true for all 49,500 students at USC — each with a unique background and story.
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What sets USC apart from other schools?

Famed for its prestigious creative programs, particularly film, the University of Southern California (USC) is the oldest private research university in California. USC is highly selective and offers a wide range of top-ranked academic programs.
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Why not to choose USC?

Price - This is a HUGE factor. Without receiving any sort of financial aid or scholarship, USC is not very affordable for most students and families. USC's cost of attendance is upward of ~$80,000 per year, which is almost three times the cost of attendance for a UC school. USC has too many fees on top of tuition.
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Which is safer UCLA or USC?

USC is located in the heart of Los Angeles, while UCLA is closer to wealthy L.A. neighborhoods. Some students feel that UCLA's campus is safer, but USC does have a 24-hour security patrol.
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Is USC favored over UCLA?

The Trojans are favorites to defeat the Bruins, according to the BetMGM NCAA odds. Looking to wager? Check out the best mobile sports betting apps offering football betting promos in 2023.
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Is USC more expensive than UCLA?

The tuition at USC and UCLA differs by tens of thousands of dollars. The estimated cost of tuition at USC is around $63,500, while the cost of tuition at UCLA in-state and out-of-state is $37,500 and $68,500, respectively.
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What is USC proud of?

We are a global institution in a global center, attracting more international students over the years than any other American university. And we are private, unfettered by political control, strongly committed to academic freedom, and proud of our entrepreneurial heritage.
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Is USC an elite school?

Is USC Considered an Elite School? USC is a private learning institution ranked 28th out of 443 national universities. It is also a member of the Association of American Universities, which highlights its excellence in academics and innovative research.
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Is USC hard academically?

Depends on the class. For many majors, especially in the professional schools, such as engineering, music, and cinema production, the classes are extremely rigorous. Certain undergraduate majors have a reputation of less rigor. The general education classes are mostly a joke.
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Is USC or UCLA harder to get into?

USC and UCLA feature selective admissions rates, meaning you need a persuasive application portfolio. UCLA admitted only 9% of nearly 150,000 applicants for fall 2022. About half of these applicants decided to enroll. USC admitted just 12% of the 69,000 prospective students applying for fall 2022.
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What are the stereotypes of USC students?

USC's vexatious nickname, “University of Spoiled Children,” paints the stereotypical Trojan as affluent and entitled, coming from rich trust fund families who pay the University's high tuition prices.
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Is USC too expensive?

USC holds a reputation as an expensive school of pervasive wealth. It is the sixth most expensive college in the United States, ranking first in the same category among California colleges. Ivy League universities, which compete with USC to attract the nation's top applicants, also feature in that top 20.
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Is USC a stressful school?

As is the case at many high-ranking universities, students at USC feel pressure to maintain top grades. In fact, in 2010, USC was ranked the 18th most stressful college in the country by the Daily Beast. It's safe to say that as the school's acceptance rate has since gone down, the stress rate may well have gone up.
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Did any famous people go to USC?

Other alumni include directors and producers like George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, Shonda Rhimes, Ron Howard, and Gene Roddenberry. Neil Armstrong also holds a degree from USC, and Sasha Obama graduated in 2023.
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Is USC a pretty campus?

USC's University Park Campus provides visitors to Los Angeles a beautiful and immersive experience, which includes USC's museums and the classic architecture of 12 Historic Cultural Monuments.
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