Why should you be chosen as a Head Girl?

Senior Navigators are the school's role models, the Head Girl/Boy are their role models and leaders. If you are a student with an excellent record of behaviour, attendance, punctuality and uniform, who has demonstrated a commitment to the school, then you are a suitable candidate.
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Why should we select you as head girl?

As head girl, I would have the opportunity to represent and advocate for their needs, ensuring that their voices are heard and considered in decision-making processes. I want to foster an inclusive and supportive environment where every student feels valued and included.
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What qualities should a head girl have?

Teachers often nominate students that possess the following qualities and skills:
  • Detail oriented.
  • Caring.
  • Respectful.
  • Reliable.
  • Strong leader.
  • Effective communicator.
  • Polished public speaker.
  • Involved in school and student life.
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What do you say when applying for head girl?

I am writing with regards to my application for the role of head girl. I consider this to be an important position of responsibility and respectability. It would be an honour for me to carry out this role and fulfil all its duties and commitments to the best of my abilities.
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What is the goal of a head girl?

Head boys and head girls are usually responsible for representing the school at events, and will make public speeches. They also serve as a role model for students, and may share pupils' ideas with the school's leadership. They may also be expected to lead fellow prefects in their duties.
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What is the personality of a Head Girl?

The Head Girl encourages, supports and guides pupils. She brings ideas to improve the school and supports the Headteacher in driving school improvement. The Head Girl inspires others with the effort that they put into every lesson. The Head Girl is mature, thoughtful and kind.
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What does Head Girl mean in school?

The head girl of a school is a senior female student who often represents the school on public occasions.
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What would your first role be as head girl?

1. Lead by example: As the head girl, you will be looked up to by your peers and younger students. It's important to set a good example by following the school rules, being respectful to teachers and fellow students, and showing a positive attitude.
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Why I should be chosen as a prefect?

The role of a prefect demands for someone who shows great commitment to the school's environment shows confidence in representing the school. The ability to be patient, fair, understanding, responsible, and approachable in any situation is also vital.
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How to choose head girl in school?

A good head girl/boy should be a strong leader with the ability to listen to not only those who shout the loudest, but every voice in the student body. Communication is clearly an important skill to have, in order to pass on ideas of the students for them to become a reality.
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What are the 5 qualities of a good leader?

5 Characteristics Every Good Leader Should Have
  • Decisiveness. The ability to make decisions, particularly when under pressure, is an important skill to master. ...
  • Trustworthiness. ...
  • Empowerment of others. ...
  • Clear communication. ...
  • Resilience.
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What are the weaknesses of a Head Girl?

Some skills that you can use as weaknesses include impatience, multitasking, self-criticism, and procrastination.
  • Self-criticism. ...
  • Fear of public speaking. ...
  • Procrastination. ...
  • Issues with delegating tasks. ...
  • Lack of experience with skill or software.
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What are the qualities of a good leader?

A good leader should have integrity, self-awareness, courage, respect, compassion, and resilience. They should be learning agile and flex their influence while communicating the vision, showing gratitude, and collaborating effectively.
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How do you introduce yourself to a head girl?

Start with a greeting. Address your audience and thank them for being there. State your name and position. Introduce yourself and let your audience know that you are the new assistant head girl.
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What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Sample responses to “What are your strengths?”
  • Collaborative. I am very collaborative. ...
  • Technical know-how. I love staying up-to-date with trends in the tech industry. ...
  • Detail-oriented. ...
  • Positive attitude. ...
  • Solving problems. ...
  • Self-criticism. ...
  • Fear of public speaking. ...
  • Procrastination.
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What questions should I ask in a head girl interview?

An interview with the Head Students: We are ready to face new...
  • Hi Katherine and Hoseong. ...
  • Why did you want to become head boy/head girl? ...
  • What qualities do you think a good head boy/head girl should possess? ...
  • What changes would you bring to the school and the students? ...
  • What are your hopes for the coming year?
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What do you deserve to be a prefect?

To be a good prefect, it's important to remember that your role is to help both the faculty and the students at your school. By setting a good example for students, following your school's rules, and being there when people need you, you can ensure that you're successfully fulfilling all your duties as a prefect.
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What should I say in a prefect interview?

I work hard at things outside of school as well – I make sure to put lots of effort into the sports that I play and into my hobbies. I'm a prefect, and was selected because I treat all other students fairly and kindly.
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What skills do you gain from being a prefect?

By becoming a Prefect, students can gain opportunities to:

Gain confidence in fulfilling the role successfully. Realise that they are able to make an independent contribution to school or to a team. Demonstrate that they can be a role model to others. Gain achievement points for completing duties and maintaining ...
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What does head prefect do?

The Head Prefect leads his fellow prefects in their duties, leads the student Council, represents the student voice and the school at a variety of events, and is an excellent example to other students. He looks after the school and creates a link between teachers and pupils.
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How are head boy and head girl chosen?

Your teachers might also nominate you for this position. After giving your name a list of shortlisted names will come. After that, you may need to give a presentation or an interview to analyze yourself. And then finally will be selected by either the head or students council or both.
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What is a prefect in school?

Quick Reference. A pupil in their final year of secondary school who is granted special status and given responsibilities such as monitoring the behaviour of younger pupils. It is a system which originated in independent schools in the 19th century, where prefects were often given the power to discipline younger pupils ...
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How does Head Girl show leadership?


The head boy and girl should listen to every student and should be able to listen to their problem and encourage the student from completing the work. The students don't need to get worried if they lack the quality of leadership with experience and practice they will improve their leadership skills.
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What is the meaning of head of girl?

noun. /ˌhed ˈɡɜːl/ /ˌhed ˈɡɜːrl/ ​(in some British schools) the girl who is chosen each year to represent her schoolTopics Educationc2.
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What is the difference between a Head Girl and a prefect?

Overview. Head Boys and Head Girls are not, strictly speaking, magical. They are an integral part of the power structure of any school run on the English model; a Head Boy typically is the senior of the male Prefects, as the Head Girl is the senior of the female Prefects.
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