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The Centro de Estudios Adams, or Adams Study Center, is an educational institution and training center that was founded in Spain in 1957.  The primary mission of the center is to help students improve their skills in a variety of subject areas—skills that ultimately will help them successfully transfer to positions in private enterprise and public administration.
With over 15,000 square meters in total classroom and facility space (in Spain and in Mexico) the Adams Study Center is one of the largest training facilities of its kind.  The center in Spain employs over 200 faculty members and support personnel, who together serve thousands of students each year.

ADAMS is accredited by the group known as AENOR as per the law UNE-EN-ISO 9001: 2008.  Since the year 2000, the institution has undergone many accredited assessments, with students and other customers having much input in the process.  Each year these assessments have rated the Adams Study Center near the top in its particular bracket for the type and quality of training students receive.  In fact, last year (2013) the center earned a score of 8.3 on its annual assessment out of a possible score of 10.

The efforts of the staff and administration at the Adams Study Center have allowed the institution to maintain its position as a leader in the industry.  The center currently boasts 900 active titles, offers nearly 150,000 hours of training per year and sponsors its own Virtual Campus, where busy students and professionals can choose from hundreds of online courses and study almost completely from the comfort of their own home or office.

Activity Areas at the Adams Study Center

The Adams Study Center specializes in a variety of helpful service areas.  Some of these include:

  • Training for Business
  • Training for Public Administration
  • Employment Training
  • Professional Courses
  • Aptitude Testing and Guidance

The Adams Study Center has locations across 9 cities in Spain and in Mexico City, the capital of Mexico.  Additionally, in 2013, more than 27,000 students took part in the centers’ online preparation courses through its Virtual Campus.

Currently the Adams Study Center is home to 202 employees, 47,960 resident students, 21,658 classes, and has published over 287 books and manuals in the areas of business and public administration.

The Adams Study Center also contracts with many businesses looking to become more profitable and productive from an organizational standpoint, providing training for thousands of these companies’ employees each Some of the general areas in which training is offered for employees include:

  • Administration and management
  • Quality and occupational risk prevention
  • Business creation
  • Web Design and Graphics
  • Economic and financial management
  • Labor management
  • Tax management
  • Personal skills and directives
  • Languages
  • Vocational Computer skills
  • Marketing and sales management
  • Office and Secretarial
  • Human Resources

There are a wide range of industries that can potentially benefit from the type of training offered at the Adams Study Center, including banking; trade and distribution; teaching and research; human resources; finance; real estate; media; and health services.  
The impressive corporate image and growing profitability of the Adams Study Center is a true reflection of the constant changes and developments the company has made since 1957 in an effort to remain current and relevant as a modern day business training center.

All Programs Available:
  • Business
    • Marketing
  • Computing
    • Information Technology
  • Finance
    • Accounting
Language of instruction


Type of school

Community or Career College, Vocational School


+902 333 543


Madrid: Ayala, 130, Madrid, Spain, 28006

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