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  • Arts, Design and Crafts
    • Photography
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Independent Private College


+34 91 552 99 99


Fuenterrabía Nº4, 6 y13, Madrid, Spain, 28014

More information about Academic Programs

Efti was founded in 1987. Its headquarters are on Fuenterrabia street with more than 1500 square meters to be used exclusively for Photography. The intention is to create a lively environment where teaching is combined with a dedicated exhibition area and many activities related to the photographic image. In order to develop the educational side, there are three chemical labs, five studios, five teaching rooms, four digital labs and a library with more than 2000 photography, art and image books. It combines teaching with a clear commitment to the expansion of photography: Two exhibition halls with a monthly schedule, numerous activities for students and friends, as well as constant collaboration with photographic institutions.

More information about Graduate Programs

GLOBAL COURSE The introductory course on photography does not require any previous knowledge. This course offers a very complete and advanced training to whoever wants to dedicate their lives to Photography. It consists of two parts, each part lasting ten months. During the first segment the student takes the Digital Professional Course and the Film Lab, in which he/she receives training in both digital and analog/film technologies. The student having completed this segment successfully will be eligible to proceed towards their Master´s Degree. In the second segment of the course the student chooses the stream of photography he/she is most interested in and will have to decide whether to specialize in the art world or in the reportage and professional world.

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