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A center sponsored by the University of Barcelona, the Fundació Bosch i Gimpera is billed as a foundation for the “transfer of knowledge, technology and innovation.” With its aim to transform knowledge into economic and social value for its students, the Bosch i Gimpera Foundation (as it is known in English), or FBG, focuses on the promotion and management of the technological information generated at the University of Barcelona. The institute’s primary goal is to bring the scientific and technical skills, as well as some of the research generated at UB, to the market by means of contracts, consultancy services and the protection, valuation and licensing of patents and the creation of new knowledge-based enterprises.

As an agent of economic and social development, the University of Barcelona aims to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and the results of R+D+i to Spanish society. It thereby, as one of its missions, contributes greatly to the business community's competitiveness and to the goal of improving the social welfare of all citizens.

The Bosch i Gimpera Foundation works with over 4,500 expert UB staff members who regularly carry out basic and applied research work; people who are organized into more than 225 consolidated research groups. The institute manages over 800 projects every year, with over 600 of these involving contracts with businesses and institutions. The FBG was created in 1983 and has become the catalyst for the link between the university, business and society. Its team of professionals are both committed and creative, consisting of fifty talented faculty members who are highly flexible in the face of change.

The goal of the FBG is to transfer the results of research into a well-thought-out contribution of social and economic progress through innovation. These results are disseminated in various mutually compatible ways, including contracted research, collaborative research, licensing of patents and business start-ups.

Valorization and Licensing Unit

One of the primary branches of the Bosch i Gimpera Foundation is the Valorization and Licensing Unit, which provides some key technology for transforming ideas into societal contributions. The primary mission of the Bosch i Gimpera Valorization and Licensing Unit is to ensure the identification, protection, assessment and commercialization of the various inventions developed by UB researchers and professors. They accomplish this by transferring the benefits of these discoveries to society, while at the same time achieving a good return for the University and its researchers. The Valorization and Licensing Unit is part of the larger ACCIÓ’s valorization units.

Staff members of the Bosch i Gimpera Foundation help both student and staff researchers by:

  • Encouraging the disclosure of new ideas
  • Identifying the projects and areas of research at the University of Barcelona whose results have a strong potential for greater societal transfer
  • Protecting newly generated knowledge through legal patents
  • Managing all intellectual property for the University of Barcelona
  • Valorizing the research through financing and promotion by providing source funding and promoting collaborative and translational (proof-of-concepts) projects.
  • Commercializing the various research results through licensing agreements and the creation of spin offs.

Business Creation

The Bosch i Gimpera Foundation also helps students turn new ideas into successful businesses. Its Business Creation department facilitates the transfer of knowledge through the Creation of Technology-Based Businesses, Knowledge-Based Businesses, and Spin-offs.

The department’s main objectives are to foster the entrepreneurial spirit in students and staff members; to support entrepreneurs at the University of Barcelona in various business issues; and to manage the CIC-UB investee companies.

The team in the Business Creation Area of the Bosch i Gimpera Foundation is multidisciplinary, headed up by individuals with postgraduate and MBA qualifications, and considerable business experience in Europe and America. The Business Creation Area is part of the Barcelona Entrepreneurship Institute - UB (BIE) and the ACCIÓ valorization units.

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