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For more than 20 years, Languages PLUS has been a market leader in providing language courses, activity breaks, and places to stay for students and travelers of all ages. The school specializes in teaching 8 core languages and guarantees to have a destination that will meet the needs of all of its prospective students.

Whether in lively pulsating cities or in their centers by the mountains and along the coast, Languages PLUS offers students the opportunity to learn eight languages in 27 cities across four continents. From Brighton to Beijing, from New York to Nice and Flores, there is always a place for students to stay and learn.

About Languages PLUS-England

Languages PLUS offers students the chance to learn a language and experience the culture in the beautiful country of England—or in other countries around the world.  The academy provides its participants with quality schools set in attractive surroundings around the world.  All of schools that are owned and operated by Languages PLUS boast the latest teaching methods, friendly and experienced staff, and lessons that are held in a relaxed but effective learning environment.

The real value of any Languages PLUS experience is the actual chance for participants to meet other like-minded students from around the world and share an unforgettable experience while staying in the country of their dreams. 


Languages PLUS understands how important accommodations are to the overall learning environment, seeing lodging as an “essential ingredient of any enjoyable language stay.”  The school does not forget that their students/guests often spend much of their annual leave or holiday time at its centers.  As a result, the administration feels it is imperative to provide a pleasant and comfortable place to stay.  Below are just a few of the options in terms of student accommodations that the Languages PLUS academy offers:

  • School Residence.  Many of the Languages PLUS schools offer the possibility of residential accommodations.  Students all live and learn communally under one roof, and can choose from options that include standard and comfort apartments, single or double rooms, or living in a large dormitory hall.  Delicious meals, of course, are included in the price of these accommodations, held three times a day at breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Guest House/Hotel.  For students who prefer a little distance between where they learn and live, and a bit more time to themselves, the Language PLUS schools offer the option of guesthouse or hotel accommodations. Students can choose from various categories, depending on availability, ranging from single guesthouses to plush and opulent hotel living.
  • Host Families. For students interested in studying more than just the language of a particular destination, but also the culture, lifestyle, customs and habits of the host country, the Language PLUS schools offer the option of living with a host family.  Staying with a host family is the perfect—and usually the most affordable—choice for students looking for the full package: an incredible language-learning experience combined with a unique and eye-opening cultural adventure.

No matter where and how long students want to study with Languages PLUS, the school is dedicated and committed to providing them with the best possible experience. Languages PLUS guarantees the appropriate language level for each participant, as well as the optimum learning environment. The academy can also tailor their courses to the specific learning needs of each student. Languages PLUS is the UK division of Sprachcaffe International. The company has operated language courses and travel tours since 1983, and today boasts 27 language schools in 27 different destinations around the world, with more soon on the way.

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    • Language Courses
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