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Spain’s Taller de Artes Escénicas, or Performing Arts Workshop, is a unique space, opened in 1994, that is dedicated to providing theatrical courses for both professionals and non-professionals with the aim of furthering the promotion of the performing arts.

If you love or even just enjoy the theater and want to start taking courses that are appropriate to your specific skill level, you can bet the Taller de Artes Escénicas has the right program for you.  Moreover, there are an abundance of talented professionals that staff the workshop who are dedicated to helping you develop your art and skill.


The students and staff at the Performing Arts Workshop regularly develop and stage productions in their effort to accommodate any type of cultural activity related to the world of theater.  Some of these productions include:

  • Children’s Performances.  The Taller de Artes Escénicas is home to actors and actresses who thoroughly enjoy staging all types of children’s performances.  Actors, clowns and entertainers are on hand for birthday parties, communion celebrations and holidays.  Many of these performances are produced with a high degree of children participation.  The staff creates, organizes and holds practices, as the children from schools or other clubs learn some of the intricacies of acting on the stage and perform for their parents and peers.  Children as young as 4 and as old as 17 can learn valuable skills working under the tutelage of the well-respected staff of the Performing Arts Workshop.
  • Inauguration Events.  Stars at the Taller de Artes Escénicas are available to stage inauguration events for all kinds of openings—business grand openings, shops, art galleries, conferences.
  • Historical Recreations.  Actors of the Taller de Artes Escénicas have starred in productions that recreate historical events from years gone by—events that once took place in locales such as Greece, Rome and even the Middle Ages.
  • Improv Performances.  The Taller de Artes Escénicas creates funny productions that allow the actors to work spur of the moment.

Student Actors at the Taller de Artes Escénicas are available for events in a number of different performing arts mediums, including:

  • Theater
  • Film
  • Television
  • Promotions
  • Presentations
  • Window Dressing
  • Pet Events

The courses and workshops at the Taller de Artes Escénicas  encourage skill improvement in script reading, interpretation, comprehension, body language and speaking—skills that can cross over to other academic and professional fields.

In addition to providing workshops for aspiring actors and actresses, the Taller de Artes Escénicas can provide acting professionals for any specific project or presentation. All the casting is handled by the center, ensuring those staging these performances get the very best people available for their project.


The Taller de Artes Escénicas began offering services in the 1994-95 school year, during which the workshop organized World Theater Day with the help of other production companies.  In 1996, the actors from the workshop staged a variety of animated performances for the Jove Expo, and in 1997 the center opened the curtain on the plays “King Kong” and “Frankenstein.”

More recently, the Taller de Artes Escénicas premiered the productions “Whoever Goes Wrong,” In the Center,” “Re-Vision,” “Shadows,” “The Miser,” and “Don Quixote versus Romeo and Juliet.”

All Programs Available:
  • Arts, Design and Crafts
    • Theatre
    • Performing Arts
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