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The Center for Sustainability Shanghai is a collaboration pulled together by industry and academic professionals to promote and educate international students about sustainability and its practice within China. The Centre is also committed to further promoting sustainability at local, regional and global levels. The initiative is supported by provided various programs for international students to further advance not only their academic portfolio but there professional one also. These programs include, short-term course work programs conducted at Tongji University - UNEP. The course work is a collaboration of various and diverse topics that surround sustainable development in China . Furthermore, The Centre provides tailored international internships that are affiliated with sustainable development, with price structures to suit every students budget! Please contact us for more information about this exciting opportunities!

All Programs Available:
  • Sciences
    • Environmental Studies
    • Sustainable Energy
    • Climate
    • Energy and Environmental Risk
    • Agroecology
    • Solar Energy Thermal
    • Sustainable Agriculture
    • Solar Energy Photovoltaic
    • Wind Energy
    • Renewable Natural Resources
    • Renewable Energy
    • Water Resources
    • Environmental Sciences
    • Agriculture
    • Political Economy
    • Ecology
    • Political Science
    • Applied Political Science
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Affiliated School


+86 13061861557


433 Yuyuan lu, Shanghai, 20000, Shanghai , 2000


Tongji University- UNEP Shanghai

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