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Study Abroad Programs in Russia

Higher School of Economics - Summer School in Moscow & St. Petersburg

Moscow, Russia
The HSE is a new-type university project, created in 1992 and conducted by well-known Russian economists. In 1995, HSE gained university status, whilst also growing to become one of the most reputable universities in Russia. This happened through the support of leading European universities, such as Erasmus University Rotterdam, the University Paris I Pantheon-Sorbonne, and the London School of Economics and Political Science. Hence, the HSE has established itself as a leader in the areas of economics, management, sociology, business informatics, public policy and political science. The... See full description.

Study Abroad Programs in Russia by City:


About Study Abroad Programs in Russia

Russia is a vast and diverse country and a very popular destination for study abroad participants, especially for students hailing from universities in the United States.  In terms of land mass (over 65 million square miles), Russia is the largest country in the world, almost twice the size of Canada, which ranks number two on the list.  With this much area, stretching from Europe to Asia, it’s no surprise that the country is home to a number of different ethnic groups, each with their own culture, traditions and history.  This is what makes studying in Russia such a unique, interesting, and enjoyable experience.  Below we will briefly describe how study abroad programs in Russia are conducted, and highlight just a few of the country’s most interesting characteristics that continue to draw international students year after year.
About Russian Study Abroad Programs
After the fall of the communist regime, many universities in Russia began partnering with other institutions of higher education throughout the world.  The goal of these programs was and is to provide a unique educational opportunity, one in which international students come to live and study in Russia (and vice versa), usually for a semester or full academic year.  Students apply for these programs at their home college or university, and can choose from a variety of course offerings.  If accepted, they will study that course or courses in Russia, with instruction in their native language, and earn credits towards their academic degree.  Programs such as these can be found throughout Russia, including popular study locales such as Moscow and Saint Petersburg.  Most students choose to live in dormitories as a way to meet new people and make friends with students from around the world, although apartment-style housing is available for interested students, as are host families—families who volunteer their homes and their time in support of these excellent programs.
What to See and Do While Studying in Russia
The number of potential experiences in Russia, experiences that are both enjoyable and enriching, is virtually endless.  Most study abroad participants tend to flock to Russia’s two largest and most populous cities:  Saint Petersburg and Moscow.
After a long day of class, Saint Petersburg offers a wealth of things to do and see.  When strolling the city streets students can enjoy the majestic, yet charming baroque architecture or duck into one of the many museums located here where the history and culture of this proud nation is prominently on display.
While in Moscow, Russia’s capital city, students will have the opportunity to visit some of the most famous structures in the world, including the Kremlin, former seat of the communist government and now home to a museum showcasing some of Russia’s most ancient and prized treasures. Moscow is also famous for its many parks, gardens and town squares, where students can get a glimpse of day-to-day Russian life and mingle with its people as they shop, eat and recreate.
Studying abroad in Russia is truly the opportunity of a lifetime.  Not only will you have the chance to learn from a different academic perspective, you’ll also enjoy an experience that will broaden your cultural horizons with every site you visit and new person you meet.