Language Immersion Courses in Los Angeles, The United States

Accent Reduction Training Academy

Los Angeles, The United States
Accent Reduction Training Academy is an online academy that provides services to individuals who wish to enhance their personal and professional lives through receiving assistance in reducing their accent. The academy targets graduate students, doctors, pastors, business executives, tourists, teachers, and others who wish to become more successful in their career by applying this method. The training is held online through the use of web cameras. The school stresses that no pre-recorded lessons are being given, only live sessions with clients are carried out. There are free introductions... See full description.

USC Language Academy

Los Angeles, The United States
The USC (University of Southern California) Language Academy, also known as the USC International Academy, is a language school that offers intensive courses in the English language for international students studying and living abroad.  Offering elite education and personalized preparation, the University of Southern California is one of the world’s leading private research universities and for more than 12 years has been ranked the number one destination for international students in the U.S. About USC and the Academy Internationally recognized for strong... See full description.

EU Business School
Bachelors, Masters, MBA's in Spain, Switzerland or Germany for English speaking international students.
CSA Study Abroad
Accredited study abroad programs all over the world for students of all levels.

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