Language Immersion Courses in Australia

Access Language Centre

Sydney, Australia
Access Language Centre is a specialized language institute, located in Sydney, Australia. Founded in 1997, Access Language Centre is a fully accredited and internationally recognized English language school. The center’s prides an extremely international student environment with participants coming from over 35 different countries. Programs offered include Business English, General English, Academic English, Exam Preparation, as well as work experience opportunities, structured in a way that enables students practice English outside of school. Access Language Center operates with a... See full description.

Byron Bay English Language School

Byron Bay, Australia
The Byron Bay English Language School (BBELS) was created in 1998 with the mission to offer high quality English language training in a natural, peaceful and beautiful environment. Moreover, the educational experience at Byron Bay English Language School is combined with a wide variety of activity options. The courses offered include General English, English + Music, English + Diving, English + Surfing, IELTS, Teen Programs, etc. What distinguishes the school is that it has embraced a policy of corporate responsibility into its daily operations; this includes solar energy initiatives plus... See full description.

Intensive English Language Institute of Flinders University

Adelaide, Australia
Flinders University is a public university, located in Adelaide, South Australia. Established in 1966, the university has built a reputable name and is considered to be a leading research institution, devoted to innovation. It is a member of the Innovative Research Universities (IRU) Group and ranks among the leading universities in Australia. Furthermore, the university’s faculties of medicine and the humanities are ranked among the nation's top 10.

Real English Speaker

Rushcutters Bay
At Real English Speaker you can learn real, everyday English that they don't teach you in school! Private, one to one English Conversation and Business English courses are designed to get you interacting with native speakers and increase your confidence. The lessons are all about speaking and listening! We focus on communication skills that you will use in the real world - in both your social and professional life. We don't stick your head in a book! We give you fun, challenging exercises in the class and outside to build your confidence and fluency so you can become a Real English... See full description.

The Oak International Education & Training Services

Sydney, Australia
The Oak International Education & Training Services is a specialized organization, dedicated to providing assistance to students, who are looking for opportunities to study abroad. Oak International is based in Sydney, Australia, as well as Bangkok and Ayutthaya Thailand. The services the organization provides are free, and include visa and study application support, as well as a first class career direction service. Oak international also offers a variety of study tours, ranging from two to five weeks, which provide students with some international experience and the chance to improve... See full description.

Townsville International English School

Townsville, Australia
Townsville International English School is a language school based in Australia. It offers a unique solution through its courses, which are organized into an intensive four-day week, giving the chance to students to enjoy a long weekend every time. This gives them more opportunities for cultural immersion and real-life experience of the language. Courses offered include intensive General English, IELTS Preparation Course, English Night Classes, English Elite Program, TESOL certificate courses, as well as other languages instruction. All this is offered in a tropical environment, weather... See full description.

Language Immersion Courses in Australia by City:

AdelaideByron BayPerthRushcutters BaySydneyTownsville

About Language Immersion Courses in Australia

Because the national language of Australia is English, few people from English-speaking countries undertake the long journey to Australia solely for the purposes of studying a language. However, for non-native speakers seeking a safe, exciting, and challenging place to learn the language, Australia is an excellent option. Australia is often overlooked due to its location and the fact that it is not as “high-profile” a study destination as the United States or the UK, but the friendliness of the people and the beauty of its landscapes more than make up for these issues. It is also worth pointing out that Australians are renowned for being among the most friendly and hospitable people in the world, so if you need help but have trouble speaking English fluently, they will be happy to assist you.
People traveling to Australia to learn English should be aware that Australian English has a distinct accent and vocabulary. Although it is perfectly intelligible to native speakers from elsewhere in the world, people who are just learning the language may take a while to get used to it. You are likely to hear words that would not be used elsewhere (such as “chook” for “chicken”), and many sounds are produced differently with an Australian accent.
Some people may travel to Australia for an immersion in languages other than English, particularly anthropologists who want to study Australian Aboriginal Languages. The Aboriginal language family includes literally hundreds of distinct languages from the many diverse and complex cultures that exist in different parts of the continent. Due to the ancientness of their culture (Australian Aboriginals have been living in their ancestral homelands for over 40,000 years, far longer than any European society) they are of great interest to anthropologists and linguists. Thus, there is significant need to study their languages. Of course, it is also possible to find language courses in a huge number of other languages – from French to Arabic to Chinese – in Australia, but because these languages are generally not spoken in Australian society, there is no “immersion experience” available.
While researching English-language programs in Australia, the most important consideration is location. Australia is a massive country – an entire continent, really – and it offers everything from deserts to marshes, mountains to beaches, large thriving metropolises to tiny rural villages. The great majority of language courses will be found in major cities like Sydney and Melbourne, but by no means all. One of the best reasons to come to Australia as a student is the many opportunities for outdoor travel in Australia’s breathtaking natural landscapes. Consider seeking out a program in the rural northern area of Queensland or the mild, Mediterranean-like climate of Perth and other western locations. Australia offers a dizzying variety of study locations, and the quality of language instruction will be high no matter where you go.

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