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English School Free Bird Institute

Nadi, Fiji
Free Bird Institute was the first English school to be recognized by the Fiji government. Established in 2004, the school has grown to receive more than 3,000 students on its well-equipped campuses. The head office of the school is located in Japan, and its main purpose is to combine the study of the English language with the interesting cultural experience of the Fiji Islands. All English language instructors at the English School Free Bird Institute have a teaching license given by the Ministry of Education of Fiji Island. Furthermore, all teachers are given an evaluation by students... See full description.

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About Language Immersion Courses in Fiji

Over the years, the island of Fiji has become a major tourist attraction. An increased flow of tourists visiting the country, there has been a growth in the number of language schools and as well. Owing to the cross cultural nature of the local population, Fiji’s official languages are English, Fijian and Fijian Hindi. While Fijian is an Austronesian language, Fijian Hindi differs considerably from the Hindi spoken in the Indian subcontinent. One can join one of the many language schools in Fiji and study the Fijian language, as well as, English and Fijian Hindi.

Learning Fijian during Vacations

A number of language schools and institutes offer various summer language courses to those interested in learning the native language. These courses can either be long term or short term in duration. Language immersion courses in Fiji are widely popular among foreigners as these courses offer a chance of closely experiencing the daily Fijian lifestyle. Such Fijian immersion courses introduce the learner to the indigenous Fijian culture.

Fijian studies would also let those interested in anthropological fields to discover more about Fijian history and ethnic facts. Customary practices are still found in many of the villages away from the urban centers, and are worth experiencing. Fijian people are among the friendliest people in the world, and a chance to converse with the locals can reveal a whole new world to the tourists.

Apart from the Fijian language, the country also emphasizes in learning English. However, it remains important that people study Fijian in Fiji, in order to keep alive the heritage and cultural components related to the dialect. Moreover, learning Fijian in Fiji is the most authentic way to study the language.

Other Things to Do while Learning Fijian

With almost 300 volcanic and coral islands, Fiji is nothing short of a paradise for travelers. Its fantastic beaches, interesting jungles and breathtaking scenic beauty will compel anyone to fall in love with the country. It is important to learn the native language if one wishes to explore more of the island apart from the regular tourist spots. Language institutes, both public and private, offer courses, which are easily affordable and interesting at the same time. Regular interactions with the locals, individual attention by the instructors, and relating course lessons with the surrounding, make these language courses quite a memorable experience.

While grappling in Fijian studies, one would find it interesting to observe the nature of differences that exist between the indigenous Fijians and Indo-Fijians. Learning basics of both the languages would help one to discover the country more holistically.

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