Language Immersion Courses in Guatemala

CELAS Maya Spanish School

Quetzaltenango, Guatemala
Celas Maya Spanish School is a unique Spanish language center based in the city of Quetzaltenango, mostly known as Xela. The school is considered to be one of the best locations for travel and study in Central America, because of its nature (surrounded by volcanic mountains), the many volunteer opportunities, and the local Mayan culture. The school provides customized Spanish language immersion courses at all skill levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. The programs offered are a well-balanced combination of one-to-one Spanish language classes, homestay with local families and... See full description.

Ciudad Vieja Spanish Academy

Ciudad Vieja, Guatemala
Ciudad Vieja Spanish Academy is a Spanish teaching institution based in Guatemala. The school was established in 2001 and prides itself on the quality of its instructors and its excellent location. It aims to attract university and high school students, who wish to gain outstanding Spanish language skills. All classes are one-to-one private lessons, which ensures maximum personalization of the syllabus. The program options available include - Intermediate Spanish , Spanish Conversation, Advanced Spanish, Grammar / Conversation, Spanish for Health Care Workers, Business Spanish, Hispanic... See full description.

COINED Antigua, Guatemala

Antigua, Guatemala
Coined Guatemala is an awe-aspiring place to learn the Spanish language. Language sessions are held at a refurnished school near central Antigua, Guatemala. The programs offered by Coined at Antigua, Guatemala include Spanish courses, internships, voluntary programs and SALUD programs (activities related to health care systems in Guatemala). Guatemala offers students three types of course options which include General courses, Spanish+Activity and Spanish for professionals. General courses are a mix of intensive, super intensive and private sessions. Spanish+Activity includes Spanish with... See full description.

El Quetzal Spanish School

Firstly, the classes are one on one. Generally you and your teacher will create a plan for the week where you have the option to explain how you would like to learn and what topics you would like to be covered. Obviously El Quetzal has a strong, strucured learning method but we know that every student is different and therefore we have to be flexible. Your input in the plan is always welcome. Every day you will have a session were your homework will be corrected and new grammer added. After the first 2 and a half hours a break for refreshments and conversation with other teachers and... See full description.
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Language Immersion Courses in Guatemala by City:

AntiguaAntigua GuatemalaCiudad ViejaQuetzaltenango

About Language Immersion Courses in Guatemala

Guatemala is one of the countries in Central America, renowned for its eco regions.  Spanish is the official language of the country. Apart from Spanish, twenty one Mayan languages are spoken by Guatemalans. Mayan groups in the country keep their ancestral languages alive. English is spoken by professionals and business people. English is taught in some private schools in Guatemala. Those who want to travel to Guatemala for recreation or business purposes and students can get plenty of benefits by learning Spanish.

Benefits of learning Spanish in Guatemala

The individuals who study Spanish in Guatemala can get more benefits than others who study the language in other places. Spanish is spoken by 300 million people in the world. This makes it a smart idea to learn the language. Guatemala Spanish schools offer course programs to learn Spanish at the best prices. They also offer many opportunities to get enough practice in the language. Guatemala Spanish schools arrange for home stay, which helps students to stay with a Guatemalan family. Hence, the family can help hone their Spanish skills easily and quickly. In addition, they can learn more about the Guatemalan culture.

The language schools in Guatemala are located in picturesque locations, so the students can enjoy the charm of the nation, while learning Spanish language.  One-on-one Spanish programs are offered in some schools, which help the learners acquire Spanish skills much faster.

Spanish studies are ideal for those who want to excel in their career. The new job market trends demonstrate that having skills in other languages is a crucial addition to the job seeker's’s resume. Guatemala is an excellent tourist destination. Travelers who want to travel to the country for pleasure or work can enhance their vacation by learning Spanish. Speaking in Spanish with the locals helps them to enjoy a pleasant experience.   Spanish is a rich language and is fun to learn. Learning Spanish helps to immerse in the culture of Guatemala. Business people who look for a market in Guatemala can get significant benefits by learning Spanish language.

Spanish Classes and Courses

Guatemala language schools offer numerous courses that are suitable for students, professionals, travelers and business to study Spanish. For beginners, classes are conducted on a weekly basis. Most of the schools require individuals to take a test, which helps them determine the level of their Spanish skills. Intermediate and advanced programs are also available for those who want to learn the language in depth.

Specialized Spanish courses are offered by some schools in Guatemala, which match with the requirements of medical professionals, academic professionals, legal professionals and business travelers. In Guatemala, all people, from teachers to homestay family are friendly, so the learners can enjoy an entertaining education experience.

The price of Spanish course varies from school to school in Guatemala. Normally, a course program that lasts for four hours daily for a week cost around %60. The individuals who want to stay homestay programs may need to pay more.

Guatemala immersion programs help individuals to learn basic and conversational Spanish easily and quickly. The cost of an immersion program is typically lesser than other course programs.

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