Language Immersion Courses in Japan

Genki Japanese and Culture School

Chuuouku, Japan
Genki Japanese and Culture School is a leading Japanese Language school located centrally in Tenjin, Fukuoka City, Japan. The school is one of the only 2 Japanese language schools in the entire world that are approved by IALC, the International Association of Language Centers, and proudly the only one focusing on Western students. The school provides courses in conversational Japanese, pop culture & traditional culture, emphasizing on practical work both within and outside the classroom walls. Study group sizes are limited to a maximum number of 7 students (3 students on average) in a... See full description.

Wakuwaku Japanese Language and Culture School

Tashima Hita city Oita, Japan
Our school is for professional short-term study. Programs start from 2 weeks and are intended for students who like to travel, but don’t have enough time for long-term study abroad. In addition, in order to cover short-term international students, we specialize in everyday Japanese. Because classes will also be taught in English, it is perfect for beginners. Of course, our program is not only to learn Japanese, but also to experience Japanese culture. For example, Zen mediation, calligraphy, buckwheat making, etc. Hita city is famous for many festivals such as Kankousai, Obon, Gion,... See full description.

Language Immersion Courses in Japan by City:

ChuuoukuFukuokaTakadanobabaTashima Hita city Oita

About Language Immersion Courses in Japan

Are you thinking about learning a second language as a means towards broadening your horizons and brightening your future?  Have you considered living in Japan for a time, and studying with a genuine Japanese language instructor?  Japan is a fascinating language and the ability to speak and comprehend it is becoming increasingly important as a business tool, chiefly due to Japan’s bright and vibrant economy.  There are countless ways to go about this process, but none is more effective than participating in a full immersion language learning program, a process in which you surround yourself with the Japanese people, language and culture every waking moment.  This ideal strategy makes new language acquisition so much faster and easier, a complete auditory, visual and tactile experience that teaches you how to associate the words you’re learning with actual objects and activities in Japan.  In no time at all you will gain mastery of this ancient language, and the social, cultural and professional benefits you’ll be gaining at the end of this process are virtually limitless.
Professional Benefits of Learning Japanese
On the world economic stage, Japan is definitely one of the leading players, if not the “captain of the team.”  Its large manufacturing base and the technical expertise of its workers have lofted this once largely agricultural state to new economic heights, with customers from around the world clamoring for its products.  From automobiles to televisions to computers, Japan is one of the foremost exporters of products in the world, expensive products, and because of this economic superiority, it has become increasingly important for international businesses, including those in the United States, to employ people who speak the language.  Japanese-speaking employees enable foreign businesses to better interact with Japanese corporations, and can significantly augment the prospect for trade.  And because of this large demand for Japanese speakers, those that do become proficient can usually land prominent positions in major companies throughout the world, and command salaries that are much higher than their monolingual colleagues.
Tertiary Benefits to Studying Japanese in Japan
Known as the “Land of the Rising Sun,” Japan is a beautiful country to visit, with something to do and see for everyone, regardless of your preferences.  If the hustle and bustle of the city attracts you, odds are you’ll fall in love with Tokyo, Japan’s largest and most populous city.  Known as the densest city in the world for its large population and relatively small land area, Tokyo is a Mecca of neon lights, with something new around every corner.  Here you’ll find your fill of interesting museums and galleries and an amazing mix of ancient and modern architecture, all built high into the Japanese sky to preserve land space.  The restaurants in Japan serve a combination of traditional Japanese fare and international dishes, and in terms of nightlife, the clubs and discotheques in Japan are among the finest in the world.
When you need some peace and tranquility, a break from your studies, Japan has many attractive sites and characteristics to help you unwind, recharge your batteries and practice what you’ve learned.  As you know, the country is an island, and as such it has miles upon miles of pristine beaches to enjoy.  Mount Fuji is only a short jaunt from wherever you decide to stay, a place where you can marvel at this once-active volcano and the beautiful landscapes that surround it.  Fireworks light up the sky during the summer months, and if you’re in Japan this time of year there are oodles of fun and stimulating attractions to experience, including the scores of outdoor music festivals featuring both local and international artists, and water parks galore where you can cool off from the hot Japanese sun.
Japan is a virtual wonderland that must be seen to be fully appreciated.  Studying here not only hastens learning and allows you to improve your professional prospects; it gives you the rare opportunity to interact with the people and places that make the country so exceptional and distinctive.  The sum of memories you’ll create during your adventure here will only be overshadowed by the number of friendships you’ll forge, and you’ll come away feeling renewed and forever appreciative of this warm and beautiful culture.

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