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Language Immersion Courses in Uruguay

Academia Uruguay

Montevideo, Uruguay
Academia Uruguay is a Spanish language school based in Uruguay’s capital, Montevideo. Entirely dedicated to serving the needs of foreign students, the language center focuses on its exceptional quality of teaching and personal service. Individual and group courses are offered for all skill levels – from beginners to advanced. Teacher training is made available, too. The programs focus on the full immersion of the foreign learner, and this is achieved in a number of ways: through the study of Hispanic, Latin American and national culture (sound and video materials are greatly... See full description.

Centro de Enseñanza de Español La Herradura - Montevideo

Montevideo, Uruguay
Centro de Enseñanza de Español La Herradura is a Spanish language school in Uruguay. It offers personalized attention and an abundant range of extracurricular activities. The options available at the language center include intensive Spanish language courses, super intensive language options, 50+ programs, Business Spanish Course, and Spanish for children. There are a number of Spanish and sports opportunities available, too: Spanish and Tennis, Spanish and Sailing, Spanish and Dance, Spanish and Horseriding, and others. Classes are taught entirely in Spanish, which ensures total... See full description.

Language Immersion Courses in Uruguay by City:

Las ToscasMontevideo

About Language Immersion Courses in Uruguay

Due to its small size and lack of publicity on the global scale, Uruguay is often overlooked as a destination for students seeking an immersion experience in the Spanish language. This is unfortunate, since Uruguay is a beautiful country with a rich history and a multi-layered cultural heritage. It is also safer than many of its neighbors.

Nearly all language schools and language immersion courses in Uruguay are located in the capital city, Montevideo, which is located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean near the mouth of the Río Uruguay. Montevideo is both the political and cultural center of Uruguay, and it offers a wide range of Spanish language programs. Some Portuguese is also spoken in Uruguay, but only near the Brazilian border; few or no language classes in Portuguese are offered in this country.

In Montevideo, there are several forms of Spanish language schools catering to different kinds of students. Traditional college-level students will find a number of study abroad programs in the country offered year-round, and these represent the most common way of learning Spanish in Uruguay. Often, study abroad programs in small and largely rural countries such as Uruguay focus on environmental issues, with the Spanish language taught alongside lessons in ecology, environmental policy, or green business.

For non-traditional students such as older people, world travelers, and those who intend to be in the country for longer than a few months, Montevideo offers a number of weekly or biweekly classes that allow “drop-in/drop-out” learning. While this kind of intermittent attendance is not the most effective way of learning any language, it does fit the schedule of busy working professionals or those who have come to Uruguay for retirement or other travel-related reasons.

Ultimately, a good way to gain a language immersion in Uruguay is to volunteer. Several organizations facilitate volunteer programs in Uruguay, in fields such as literacy, environmental cleanup, and conservation. There are also many jobs available for English-speakers who want to teach; as in many other places in the world, the English language is in great demand in Uruguay. While living and working in the country, a competent learner is bound to develop a stronger grasp of the language through immersion. This is probably the only way to get an immersion experience outside of the main cities, since very few study abroad programs exist outside of Montevideo.