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Level: Undergraduate Bachelors     Location: Villanueva de la Cañada

uality management, also known as quality control is a system existent in almost any organization, ensuring that the products or services it provides meet certain requirements. Companies apply many different types of quality management systems in order to measure the quality of products and services offered aiming at maximum efficiency and effectiveness. A good quality management system helps a business enhance its competitiveness, increase customer satisfaction, boost their organizational development, and more.

A quality manager supports all these by overseeing workers and production processes to make sure that customers are satisfied with the items they buy. Quality managers instruct workers, construct processes, and check products for problems during the various stages of production. Moreover, quality managers often brainstorm with managers from other parts of the organization on how to improve the development process. This includes the choice of materials, assembly line system as well as testing system.

Personal Qualities

Quality managers need to be extremely detail-oriented and even perfectionists. Further qualities include:

  • Committed to precision and accuracy
  • Excellent organizational and time-management skills
  • Very good with people
  • Good communication skills
  • Able to think ‘outside the box’
  • Creativity
  • Able to work with people from various areas of the organization and link ideas and concepts

Study Options

The least required for a quality manager job is an associate’s degree or training, combined with some real life experience. However, a bachelor’s degree is going to provide you with greater flexibility when looking for a job. Subjects that are often associated with the degree of quality management are computer-aided design (CAD), mathematics, statistics, and science classes. Some sort of leadership training is also going to be extremely helpful if you are aiming at management positions, and this could be offered in various forms both at your chosen university, or at a company where you can aim to do a work placement.

Another important point is that quality management is a specialized role that you can embark on after you have already gained a bachelor’s degree in another, broader business-related field. It is also one that is constantly developing, and you should be prepared to embark on lifelong courses, developing your knowledge and skills.

Career Options

Quality management positions are extremely popular in manufacturing companies. These companies are constantly looking to introduce innovations while enhancing the quality of their products. If you wish to gain a quality management position, you would be most likely required to not simply apply the most commonly used quality control tools – like mapping, brainstorming, scatter diagrams, control charts, and force field analysis – but also be able to come up with new solutions and ideas. You would need to be able to introduce ideas of how to reduce the waiting time for customers, improve delivery and shipping methods, and increase customer loyalty. All these come as a result of perfect knowledge of the company’s organization and a great deal of experience within the field.