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Tourism Marketing Study Programs

Level: Graduate     Location: Marbella

Tourism Marketing program is for students who are ready to further their education in hospitality, tourism, and marketing in the tourism sector. Students who have extreme inclination in marketing using their creative and effective communication skills are the perfect candidates for this program. Graduates of the course will be able to develop their own skills as they learn more about the following studies:

  • The psychology of tourist behavior;
  • The crucial role of the sustainability of the fundamental facets and spirit of a culture;
  • Hospitality marketing;
  • The influence of culture in marketing management globally; and;
  • The complex theories that will be handy in understanding the dynamics of strategic choices in the industry of tourism globally.

Tourism Marketing curriculum contains subject areas that will delve into student’s development of intercultural skills, in employing Internet strategies in promoting tourism, and in identifying opportunities that will result to more in-depth comprehension of contemporary tourism marketing issues and concerns among others.

The learning experience opportunities that will be given to students of the program will give them invaluable experiences that will include visits in sites that are considered cultural heritages, executing multicultural group activities, participating in debates on sustainable marketing tourism, assessing and reviewing of case studies, and creating and exploring various brands in tourism marketing.

The course will equip students with the right knowledge as they prepare themselves to embark on marketing-related careers in all levels of tourism organizations (local, regional, national, and international) and in other local and international private sectors that do marketing in the following industries: hotels, airlines, travel agencies, and tour operators.

The program provides students with succinct and thorough coverage of marketing theories that are tourism industry-specific and requires promotional planning based on strategic methods.

Naturally, students of Tourism Marketing will mark their future with a career in marketing and tourism-related positions. With hot opportunities given to graduates of the this program, students who chose to specialized in Tourism Marketing will be able to perform duties and responsibilities that cover traditional and contemporary marketing management practices. They will become proactive in building close links with major marketing organizations that practice tourism principles.

The course curriculum contains units in the following areas:

  • Marketing principles, behavioral aspects of marketing, finance and marketing, economics and marketing;
  • Marketing management, marketing communications, marketing research and its methods;
  • Contemporary strategic marketing management, global marketing management;
  • Travel and tourism research, tourism economic impact and market studies, tourism businesses, recreational experiences, and hospitality; and
  • Market environment assessment, market identification and segmentation, and gathering of marketing information and resources, studies on demographic and lifestyle trends.

There will also be exploration and investigation of laws and government actions concerning Tourism Marketing and how such laws both positively and negatively affect the complex industry of tourism and marketing. Also, studies concerning technological advancements will be satisfied as they will utilize technological innovations in further developing and enhancing tourism marketing strategies. As a result, students will fulfill promising careers in performing marketing and management functions in association with providing tourism and hospitality services.