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Humankind has produced pieces of its creativity in the form of literature. The study of literature highlights the fact that we can actually exercise our skills of interpreting and critical thinking. Alongside with this fact, this branch of study, specially American Language and Literature, will give us access to the History which shapes our world, and particularly the country that has been considered the world power in the past decades, the United States of America.

In American Language and Literature, students are exposed to international and skilled instructors who have extensive knowledge in American literary history, English language, literary genres, and American literary heritages that include remarkable playwrights such as Willian Dunlap, Washington Irvin and Arthur Miller among others. Teachers will also thoroughly discuss American renowned writers so that their students get a more profound understanding of the works from F. Scott Fitzgerald, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Herman Merville, and Henry David Thoreau among others. The study of American Language and Literature extends to the study of American literature, American fiction, American writers, and American literature women authors.

A program in American Language and Literature mainly aims at the following academic objectives:

1. Introducing the students to the history of literature in English, including training in literary criticism and interpretation.

2. Developping the students' research skills, critical thinking and interpretative skills,  which will be beneficial to every student in acquiring jobs abroad in a wide range of fields. It will also be helpful for those who want to pursue post-graduate programs in American Language and Literature.

3. Reinforcing the students' abilities in interpreting written communication, in creating analytical and argumentative lines of reasoning, and in expressing themselves in a multifaceted and polished English prose.

American Language and Literature main areas of study may include the following majors, depending on the university you are attending:

1. Language and Culture

2. Literature, Literary Criticism, and Literary History

3. Applied, Research Writing, and Professional Writing

These three major areas of study are indicative of the program’s interdisciplinarity, that aims to educate individuals in advancing their knowledge and skills in a creative and flexible manner. Such skills, when honed well, will be true assets that will help the students in their future endeavours as professionals owning a certificate and diploma in American Language and Literature.

American Language and Literature is not just dedicated to the American culture and the works of American writers. The program also emphasizes the study of comparative world literatures. Non-canonical literature will also become a part of the course so to speak. Graduates of Bachelors of Arts in American Language and Literature can pursue careers related to Literature, Professional Communication, Education, Media and Communication Studies, and Cultural Studies.

Job positions for American Language and Literature (in Universities):

English and American Literature TrainerAmerican Language and Literature Specialist

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