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Humanitarian Action Study Programs

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The food shortage crisis of 2012 in Sahel, Source

Humanitarian action (or humanitarian aid) is an operation that has a main objective of saving lives, ease suffering and preserve a person’s dignity without regard for race, religion or political affiliates. It focuses more on “social change” and the improvement of everyone’s way of life.

Being a humanitarian was never a skill one can have and others don’t or knowledge you earn for years of studying. Being a humanitarian is basically a test of character in which you discover how far you would go to help or how much you care to those you never even knew existed.

Whether it would be helping people affected by natural disasters or calamities, visiting orphanages and setting-up a feeding program, providing medicine and psychological support to the community of people with AIDS or to visiting ethnic tribes in rural areas to check if they need assistance (especially in medicine or anything health-related), there’s always someone somewhere that needs help and that is what humanitarian action is for.

Humanitarian workers help each other hand-in-hand to achieve this goal of theirs to ease even just a small amount of misery. They go to different places and research on it and then try afterwards to help, talk to the people, collect donations and seek more help if needed.

There are many humanitarian organizations all over the world, some are small and some are really big that they can even reach as many other countries and give them help. But nevertheless, they have one goal and that is to help. One of the famous humanitarians in the world is Mother Teresa, up to now; her humanitarian institution is still alive and still helping people.

Humanitarian aid from UNICEF for hospitals in Donetsk, Ukraine, Source

The biggest humanitarian organization in the world is “The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC)”. It has 186 distinct societies and is helping people throughout the world. All organizations including the Red Cross are receiving their funding and/or donations from the government, individuals, corporations and other organization.

Being a humanitarian worker can be rewarding but in some cases, it can be dangerous too. There was news about groups of humanitarian workers killed. Despite of it all, it will never stop them from providing constant support to those who needs it.

As I said earlier, you don’t need any requirement to be a humanitarian; you just have the sense of helping unconditionally. As long as you are willing to do it, you are qualified. They sometimes may set-up a recruitment area on your community and others put it up and advertise it online. There are a lot of humanitarian workers needed in various countries and so they sometimes recruit people from other country too.

Most of the humanitarian organizations anywhere constantly seeks worker. Looking for a job in this field is simple, you just have to know which organization to go and be really willing. Some may require a background or a small story about your intentions and why you want to get the job.

The average salary of a humanitarian worker is $36,000 but it may vary depending on the industry you work in, company, location, experience and benefits.