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Studies & Degrees in International Financial Management

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International Financial Management Study Programs

As international financial markets get increasingly complex and competitive, multinational corporations are constantly on the look-out for individuals who can understand these aspects better to help growth and development. International Financial Management courses aim to provide multinational companies with efficient accounting and finance professionals in various other strata of international corporations apart from finance itself.

Courses in International Financial Management are provided with the theoretical knowledge as well as practical know-how of finance and accounting in various multinational corporations. In fact, individuals aiming for academic careers or further study in the subject can also gain a lot from these courses. Students looking to pursue PhDs in international financial management can also gain a lot from these courses.

Most modern universities these days look to approach an integrated approach which includes international business, accounting as well as finance into consideration. This helps students get a coherent perspective of the international market so they can provide viable solutions to multinationals they work for. An international orientation to finance and accounting is the cornerstone for anyone looking to pursue this course. If a university can offer this, you can consider yourself well placed.
International Financial Management also includes a lot of referrals to case studies of previous proceedings. This helps provide students with a realistic view of how things progress in the real world. Research is the key to this field. Good universities offer students with the chance to carry out comprehensive research which will help them at every stage of their career. A university offering this course must be resourceful when it comes to these aspects of learning. Facilities are the key in this respect.

Course Module and Options

Most of these courses offer compulsory modules that include subjects such as Principles of Accounting, Corporate Finance, Foundations of Finance, International Corporate Governance, International Finance, Quantitative Methods in Economics, Research as well as Dissertation. Some of the optional modules include Econometrics, International Trade as well as International Financial Reporting.

Qualifications and Requirements
  • Students applying for these courses are usually expected to have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent in any course including finance, accountancy, economics, management, business administration, physics, science, mathematics or engineering.
  • Again, even if you do not have a degree in one of these streams, relevant work experience is taken into consideration by many universities.
Most colleges and universities select students on the basis of merit and relevant work experience. Again, they also differ in terms of entrance tests, personal interviews, portfolio reviews etc.

Career Options

The list of options for students of International Financial Management Students is long and exhaustive. The following are some of the most common posts take up by students in the field.
  • Accounting Managers
  • Financial Managers
  • Chief Financial Officers
  • Cash Managers
  • Treasures and Finance Officers
  • Management Consultants
  • Investment Banking Associates
  • Investment Bankers
  • Investment Sales Associates and Traders
  • Credit managers
As companies are beginning to experiment more with their business strategies, new avenues are opening up for financial management students. In fact, students qualified in International Financial Management stand a great chance and multinational organizations as well.