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Technology Management Study Programs

Technology Management as a field of study involves training individuals to organize and manage technological developments within a business scenario. It focuses on building skilled manpower for managing the engineering and technological needs of industries, especially manufacturing industries. Some of the concepts used in Technology Management are technology strategy, technology scouting, technology forecasting and technology road mapping. All these terms are self explanatory and show what technology managers are expected to do.

Course Structure

Technology Management courses generally award students with an MBA degree. The aim is to make students understand how technology eases the process of production and how changes in technology have a direct effect on the manufacturing industry. The course is designed to provide students with hands on training with the production procedure and technologies involved with it. As with any other management course, leadership and communication skill enhancement forms an integral part of most of the courses. 


Students from science and engineering background are fit to qualify for the courses. And because technology management is a post graduate level course, a Bachelors degree in the aforementioned fields of study is necessary. Candidates with relevant work experiences are preferred although it is not mandatory in most of the institutes. Students will have to deal with real life managerial challenges in the course of study.

Why Study Technology Management

Sustainable development is the watchword these days. All business enterprises aim to adopt measures that adhere in some way to sustainable and green development. For this reason optimum utilization of available engineering and technology resources is an absolute necessity. Development of technologies is only valuable so long as it serves the purpose of the customers in some way or the other. Technology management holds importance in this respect.  Study of technology management will require students to work in industrial conditions and undertake projects that involve planning and executing decisions taken about the use and development of technology.
Career Prospects

A graduate or post graduate degree holder of Technology Management may apply at any company or organization that either deals with, or makes substantial use of technology for their processes, for the post of a manager.
A technology manager has to make decisions about the technology or technological units that the company will use while keeping in consideration the budget of the company, its employees, targeted customers and profit. Employers prefer to hire as technology managers, those who, along with knowledge of technology, also understand well the business environment.  
Job prospects in different industrial sectors are plenty for students of technology management. For example they are easily absorbed in the automobile industry, power and energy industry, consumer goods industry, aerospace, shipbuilding, IT industry, infrastructure management, apparel industry etc.  A large number of biotech and pharmaceutical companies are also hiring a large number of experts in technology management. Even those who have a higher studies degree in life sciences are leaning towards the study of technical management. This only bears testimony to the growing need for technology managers in the modern economy.

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