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Tax is a combination of administration, accountancy and law. It describes or symbolizes a vast range of intellectual, philosophy and personal skills. Tax is a charged that inflict by the government on income, goods or commodities and activity. It is not a voluntary charge or contribution, but an imposed donation, demanded pursuant to lawmaking authority to support the government. A Tax refers to direct and indirect taxes. A direct tax is imposed directly on corporate or personal tax, while indirect tax is imposed on the value or cost of a service or goods.

The primary purposes or consequences of taxation include revenue, representation, reprising and redistribution. The money raise from the revenue taxes is utilized on schools, hospitals, routes and other indirect government purposes. Representation refers to the catchphrase or motto of the American revolutionary "no taxation without representation" means monarch tax citizens and nationals require liability from their monarch as other part of this deal. Reprising pertains to taxes charge to tobacco in order to show opposition or persuade against smoking. Redistribution is a way of transferring the assets or belongings from the wealthier parts of high society to lower class society.

Pecuniary resource rendered by taxation has been utilized by countries and their operational equivalents during the olden times to accomplish or fulfill numerous functions. These operational equivalents include consumptions or expenses on war, social control of public order and law, protection of belongings, public works, social engineering, economic infrastructure and the function of government itself. Recently, the government also utilizes the taxes to finance public services and benefit. These services and benefits can include health care systems, education systems, unemployment benefits, pension for senior, public transportation, water, energy, and waste management systems. The social security systems are destined or planned to support the disabled or handicap, the retired, the poor by means of taxes that were collected for those people who are still working. Also, Taxes are enforced to fund overseas and military financial support, to have an effect on the macroeconomic public presentation of the economy or to adapt patterns of expenditure within an economic system.

Some of the categories of Taxes are ad valorem (is base in value of service, property, goods and usually enforced at the value added tax), capital gains (charged on the income released upon the auction of a capital cost), corporation (pertains to direct tax imposed by several legal power on the income made by organizations), sales (imposed when the product is sold or disposed to its final shopper or user), tariffs (fee for the movement of merchandise via a political border), toll (fee to travel by way of bridge, canal, tunnel, road or other transportation amenities)

Opportunities for Tax career include Tax Director (supervise the entire functions of the company tax department and rendering the necessary direction or advice for long-run planning), Payroll Tax Administrator (in-charge for entire payroll tax activities, as well as filing and compliance with state, local, and federal payroll tax returns) and Tax Accountant (responsible in tax planning, research and submission, financial statement preparation, evaluate and prepare the tax return).

If you choose Tax as a profession, there is a chance or opportunity to work in the government, private companies and industry as a tax practitioner. It can also guide you to commercial management.

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