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Integrated Marketing Communication program is a holistic field of study in marketing. The program is composed of other fields of study namely advertising, branding, broadcast media, direct marketing, media planning and strategy, packaging, print media, public relations, sales promotion, support media, and human resources communications. At the end of the course, a student of Integrated Marketing Communication acquires an intensive and wide array of career opportunities that involve many faces of marketing.

Your professional track as a graduate of Integrated Marketing Communication is as clear as crystal since you will be equipped with learning experiences and an in-depth understanding of what the course is all about. You become entitled and qualified for the positions of: advertising account executive, copywriter, event planner, research analyst, account planner, art director, media buyer or planner, media relation specialist, and public relations executive.

More so, various organizations such as advertising agencies, public relations agencies, media companies, educational institution, museum and cultural institution, and local and federal government are also on the look out for young and graduates of Integrated Marketing Communication.

Integrated Marketing Communication follows a comprehensive curriculum that allows every student to get involved in creating and maintaining good and lucrative relationship with their customers. As students, they are trained to become encouraging and persuasive when it comes to delivering meaningful dialogue that is done via strategic communication strategies. This learning methodology will help students to generate the most profitable results in doing their careers by implementing marketing methods efficiently.

If a student of IMC intends to pursue post-graduate studies still related to Integrated Marketing Communication it is pertinent that the student will eventually acquire a profound understanding and thoughts on topics like IMC Research, methodologies, media analysis, direct marketing, measurement and analysis, advanced direct marketing, sales promotion, and more highly-developed learning ideas and theories after taking the program.

The skills acquired by students as they go through their course in IMC are resilient and indispensable. Students gained invaluable skills in public relations, corporate communications, brand planning, marketing communications, and direct marketing. And as what has been mentioned, future employment opportunities are in store to every student of IMC and their promotional breaks are always close at hand. This is because a firm understanding of IMC has been imparted to every student and this is no longer surprising since the education, market and employment for Integrated Marketing Communication has been growing in the industry of advertising and media.

At present, there have been several shifts in the advertising and media industry especially for already established and budding marketers. From media advertising to a manifold forms of communication, and from mass media that has specialized niche to much specific target of audiences. With this wider scope, IMC professionals are immersed to more employment opportunities.

Another thing is, customers and various audiences have gained an instant internet access 24/7, and internet availability is prevalent already. And this is a huge revolution because the scope of IMC has been stretched out, from offline marketing channels to online marketing channels. And finally, online marketing channels can no longer be ignored as e-marketing campaigns, search engine optimization, affiliate marketing, blog, podcast and more gained a huge influence in Integrated Marketing Communication.

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Marketing ManagerMarket Specialist

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