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Level: Doctorate     Location: Barcelona
Level: Doctorate     Location: Madrid

A PhD degree in management is the highest educational qualification given in the field of management studies. Doctorates in management generally opt for research based programs on business related issues or for academics as professors or lecturers for management degree courses. A PhD is necessary for those willing to join B-schools as faculty members. These schools are often ranked according to the proportion of doctorate faculty members present.

About the Degree

There are various areas of specialization in PhD in management programs. Some of the broad categories are as follows:
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • n Entrepreneurship
  • Management Information system
  • Business Ethics and Legal studies
Research is a very important part of any field of study. And management is such a discipline which needs constant upgrade about facts, figures, economic trends, etc. Hence, unlike popular beliefs, those having higher degree in management like PhD, are likely to have a great career prospect. It is not just about managing a business establishment but reading, analyzing, explaining and evolving more about managerial aspects through extensive researches. Also, professors and lecturers gain expertise about the topics which ensures that the quality of lessons they give are among the best available.
Generally a PhD program in management takes around four-five years to complete. It involves 2 years of coursework and extensive theoretical study followed by 2-3 years of preparation for dissertation. Most PhD programs come with scholarships and stipends that make up for the tuition fees and other expenses. Eligible candidates must possess Masters or Bachelors degree at least in business studies. However, flexibility is allowed as in any other higher studies programs of other subjects.

Career Prospect

A career in academics has more virtues to it than many other technical professions. The salaries are lucrative, job hours flexible and comfortable, opportunity to stay connected with things you love to know about, and most important of all, no daily rigors of facing the boss. The work nevertheless is challenging and will demand the use of every bit of your intellect. Therefore, a PhD in management is something worth working hard for. Defending the dissertation does create pressure at times, but if you really want to pursue the research line, you will like the stress and the pressure. However, like any other degree courses, having a PhD cannot get you a job in a top business school or publish your papers in world reputed journals. You need to develop those special skills along with earning a PhD.

For those who enjoy teaching, like being surrounded by intellectuals and yet crave for a satisfactory pay-scale, the research sector in management is the place to be. Also academic institutions are logically less vulnerable to incidents like economic meltdowns. Job satisfaction as well as assurance along with financial stability are the very things that make a career in academics most lucrative.

As a word of advice, if you are willing to pursue higher studies in management but not looking for a career in the corporate world, you should look for a Doctorate in Management programs.