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Tourism Management Study Programs

Level: Undergraduate Bachelors     Location: Madrid

To put things very simply, Tourism management studies involves training individuals to manage hotels, restaurants, tourism and travel related businesses. It is a part of hospitality management studies and trained individuals are readily absorbed into the hospitality industry. As is well known to us all, hospitality and tourism industry is one of the largest growing sectors of the economy today. As many as 200 million people are somehow engaged with the tourism industry while around about 700 million tourists and travelers travel to international as well as domestic destinations annually. With such growth prospects, study of tourism management is bound to be a challenging as well as career wise comforting activity.

Course Details

Most of the colleges and universities have degree courses in Tourism Management. Students are awarded at the end of the term with a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science for graduate level courses and Master of Arts or Master of Science for post graduate level courses. Short term post graduate Diploma Courses are also available. Those having graduation degrees are considered eligible for these diploma courses. Graduates, however, need not have to be in any hospitality management studies. The duration of these courses differs depending upon the level of study. Bachelor degree courses continue up to 3 years while Master degree courses take 2 years to complete.

The Tourism Management programs aim at training students to gain managerial skills required for smooth and successful functioning of resorts, hotels, vacation tourism and adventure tourism companies and enterprises, and also conferences, conventions and special occasions. For these purposes, marketing, entrepreneurial as well as research skills need to be sharpened. Technical modules of the courses involve internships and training terms.

Students of tourism management also get chances of participating in exchange programs, workshops conducted by leading companies in the tourism and hospitality industry and gain solid experience from teachers and academicians who are experts in the field. They may opt from large variety of special modules to nurture their areas of interest.

Some colleges and universities also offer part-time courses for individuals who are already engaged with the industry but want to enhance their skills and degrees for better job prospects. Things are naturally easier for them as they have some experience in the field.
Career in Tourism Management

As the tourist traffic rates worldwide goes up, travel and tourism related jobs are also increasing day by day. These days, vacations are not limited to making annual trips to a place just for the purpose of relaxing. Adventure tourism is the new favorite among travelers who indulge in doing and learning something new while taking a break from their daily lives. A successful business in tourism has to take into account such vast changes. And for making such necessary arrangements, trained personnel in the field are indispensible. Large number of jobs for Tourism Management students awaits in tourism agencies, at the tour operators’, as tourist guides, holiday and vacationing consultants, airlines companies, and even foreign banks which have tie ups with the tourism industry.