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If business is an economic or commercial activity engaged in by an organization or an individual as a means of livelihood, then international or global business refers to what business leaders say as business transactions “crossing national borders at any stage of the transactions,” or “transactions that are free of their own national boundaries.” A company that is engaged in global business, therefore, is perceived to possess in-house international expertise across all business operations and activities around the world.

As a field of activity, international or global business started to be felt in 1958 when a research was conducted on the subject, and an institution of learning established a center for international business under its department of economics. Twenty years later, another institution began to offer Doctoral degree programs in international business, following degree and diploma programs offered in many collegiate schools. Since 1990 studies in Global Business have continued to influence business curricula in schools that now have seen the need to explore the rapidly changing nature of global business operations, and for individuals of different nationalities and business endeavors to become successful players in the environment of international business.

he objectives of a Global Business study are nearly similar in business schools in the world. Most, if not all suggest that business organizations should be responsive to changes in the international business climate, underlining the importance of preparing successful leaders in global business management. The programs of these institutions are designed for students interested in acquiring knowledge specific to international business environment and to equip them with up-to-date skills and knowledge on contemporary business management operations. Institutions also agree that a study in international business is not only a smart move for career growth—it also provides students with the knowledge about the importance of technology, ethics and diversity in an international business community. Institutions further say that the study provides graduates with opportunities to examine the impact of cultural, political and legal issues as well as the economic differences in global business operational strategies.

A master’s degree program in Global Business aims to develop a multi-disciplinary and integrative approach to understand business in a global context, or provide the framework for understanding the issues facing business leaders. Still another program—a Master of Business Administration—with Global Business as major, is designed for students looking for a career in international business. A certificate and undergraduate program prepares business professionals in undertaking business in a complex global environment. These and other global business curricula cover the following important areas of study: Corporate Strategy, Human Resources, Economics, Global Political Economy, Supply Chain Management, Family Business and Entrepreneurship, Global Business Environment, Cross-Cultural Management, Global Marketing, International Management, International Finance, Global Business Negotiations, International Business Law, Public Management, and Information Systems.

Many schools help their graduates achieve their career goals by partnering with companies or job recruiters seeking graduates for full-time, part-time or internship job opportunities. They also assist them to start new business ventures at home, or land jobs in global corporations, strategic management and manufacturing firms, information technology and banking entities and management consultancies.