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Studies & Degrees in Business Studies

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Business Studies Study Programs

Level: Undergraduate Bachelors     Location: Madrid
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Business Studies provides students and even educators with immersion in economic, accounting, travel and tourism, finance, business law, management and organization, marketing, and international business. The program it follows is designed for students who aim to observe businesses, experience its application, execute economic principles, and practice business theories and approaches in real life.

Management of organizations is highlighted in Business Studies. Theories and methods that result in successful business management are explored during the course of the study. Relationships between people, organizations, including the environment in which they interact are mastered, too.

Students of Business Studies acquire learning experiences that help them build a strong knowledge and foundation in managerial endeavors that are relevant in business management. Looking closer to the course’s curriculum, study of internal functions and structures of and within organization is probed and this provides students with what is there to understand in business.

The course can be taken with particular field of specialization which should have an element of international business, public sector management, and entrepreneurship. Organizational policies, employment relations, strategic planning, marketing and technology, and finance are some of the main subject areas that are drawn in the program. Other subject areas include psychology, sociology, history, and economics.

Graduates of this study are highly respected and valued professionals by employers across the globe. Careers related to banking, public management, finance, accountancy, management, consulting, human resources, communications, insurance, advertising, retailing, international trade, research and development, and marketing are some of the professions that graduate of Business Studies can acquire. The degree of employability of professionals with Business Studies degree is high since their skills and knowledge in business are considered to be indispensable. Yes, with a course in Business Studies, career opportunities are countless.

Subject areas included in the curriculum are imparted to equip students with practical, work-based learning directly linked to business management. As a result, students become ready to handle duties and responsibilities of future managers and exceptional leaders of the future’s economy that comprises dynamic and responsible business organizations.

Professional learning in management is taught using flexible learning approaches that can be taken from traditional books and resources, online materials, tutorials, lectures, and hands-on courses. The degree modules of the study include: business and society, business in different regions and continents, e-commerce and entrepreneurship, launching of new business venture, industrial relations, personal management, and other related areas that will equip students with advanced learning and acquisition of business skills.

Since Business Studies is a world-renowned discipline, it is no longer surprising that more study abroad opportunities are made available to students who want to pursue higher education. In fact, students who want to acquire well-placed positions in the corporate world manage to apply for international universities to further their education and get an impressive career in the future. This is why Business Studies receives overwhelming demand from future top entrepreneurs, economic leaders, and managers.

At present, the number of Business Studies graduates has reached a new height. Students who pursue this study belong to diverse backgrounds since they know that their education in Business Studies is priceless.

If you want to learn interesting topics such as accounting, marketing, finance, strategy planning, quantitative methods and even organizational behavior, the degree for Administration and Business Management is definitely what you need. Professionals often correlate this with management. Moreover, this area of study refers to the maintenance as well as establishment of records, procedures and regulations that one will encounter in any type of commercial activity.

The earliest known business school was founded in the year 1881 in Wharton and since then, there are students who are already keen on learning about the subject. The growth of business administration schools happened after the World War II. Although there are some difficulties in tracing back the history of the first administration and business management project, many believe that this has already existed during the pre-modern period. As the majority of people can recall, Egypt has been known for slavery and the owners then faced some problems regarding the exploitation and motivation of the workforce. Logically, we can say that the Egyptians were the first managers.

The purpose of this study is to help educate learners on how to properly plan, organize, staff, lead, direct and control a certain organization, which pertains to a group of one or more individuals or entities. This field is not only concentrated on human resources but also with technological, financial and natural properties.

According to a well-known pioneer of organizational theories and behavior Mary Parker Follet, this subject is defined as the art of attaining goals through the performance of people. In line with this perspective, business management consists of functions like motivating and coordinating. Every organization needs management so that it can reach its full effectiveness.

During the 20th century, the Administration and Business Management course has six distinct branches, which are the human resource administration, strategic management, marketing, financial, operations or production management and information technology, which is responsible for the management of information systems. As the 21st century approached, the branches of this subject expanded and then included public administration and management as well as social entrepreneurship and nonprofit management.

Earning an Administration and Business Management degree will help you boost up your career due to the fact that most employers today want a more competitive and more knowledgeable staff in their company. This is also helpful for those who are planning to put up a business of their own because with this subject, you will be able to properly implement the policies and the strategies of your own company. With this course, you will further understand the mission and the vision of your business so that you will eventually reach the target you are aiming for.

Enrolling in business schools that are credible and highly reputable will allow you to advance into new levels of the company or any mercantile endeavors you will be making in the future. This is what every capitalist and entrepreneur is aiming for in the global market today. Take up the Administration and Business Management course and be prepared to work with numbers, have sharper communication and leadership skills.

Job positions for Business Studies:

Business Consultant

Degree in Business Studies is composed of transferable skills that are developed in the course of taking the subject area. However, the course is not limited to academic study since approaches and theories in the curriculum can be applied in realistic contexts including the context of business consulting.

One of the careers that can be acquired with a degree in Business Studies is the career of a Business Consultant. Business Consultants are not only paid lucratively but are highly respected and valued professionals in the corporate world. Their skills, education, and experience in demonstrating the qualities of reliable consultants are linked to analyzing and selecting of business information, effectively communicating, problem solving, promoting teamwork among employees, research and development, and strong client relationship.

Getting paid by giving business advice is not just a high paying job but a reputable career as well. Business executives turn to Business Consultants to seek for directions and actions necessary in running business operations and an entire corporation or company. Businesses and organizations, whether big and small, get the services of a Business Consultant to help them determine business problems and then recommend effective solutions in dealing with such business problems.
Business Consultants are not simply relied upon when it comes to business issues by business people. This is because the business industry considers the roles of business consultants as fundamental and indispensable.

The expertise and knowledge of these professionals in dealing with business matters are also known as business management. Business management or business consulting includes areas: communications consulting, e-business consulting, business operations consulting, marketing consulting, technology consulting, strategic planning consulting, small and medium business consulting, organization and development consulting, and human resources consulting to name a few.
To highlight the growing demand of business consulting industry, a research study by Harvard Business School is always quoted. Based on the study, the industry of business consulting is able to generate about $100 billion in annual revenues from US consultants.

The present and tough condition of the economy didn’t hinder Business Consultants in performing their duties and responsibilities in world’s economy. In fact, business consultants continue to become active in helping increase various business revenues and especially cut costs that such companies make.

The average income of a Business Consultant in the US ranges from $65,000 to $300,000 US dollars, from entry-level consultants to senior consultants. For self-employed business consultants, their earnings can range from $35 to $400 US dollars per hour.

The desire and passion in business consulting of a particular individual is a strong driving force in eventually becoming a high paying consultant. More so, the education earned in universities and experience learned in the corporate world can serve as strong foundation in the career of a business consultant.

The market for Business Consultants is so huge since they can also pursue careers related to accounting, advertising, banking, finance, public relations, administration, marketing, sales and distribution, and many more. So, for business consultants a single career is not enough since they are wired with expertise and knowledge needed in doing other careers other than business consulting.