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Have you always dreamed of a career in which you could use your linguistic skills to help others learn a new language and/or further the goals of a business, institution or organization?  If so, the Bachelor of Arts degree in Applied Linguistics may be the ideal academic program in which to gain your qualifications.  The Bachelor of Arts degree in Applied Linguistics is a program designed to prepare students for a variety of careers in the fields of linguistics and language learning, and because of its emerging popularity, the program is now being offered by colleges and universities throughout the country.  Below we have provided some essential information regarding the Applied Linguistics degree, including the program’s focus, coursework, eligibility requirements and the various career opportunities available for successful graduates.
The Focus, Coursework and Eligibility Requirements of the Applied Linguistics Degree Program
As a student pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Applied Linguistics you’ll receive knowledge and training that will prepare you to address a variety of linguistics issues, including the best manner in which to teach and learn a new language; the social factors and issues that may affect and influence new language learners; and the technology and other tools that can contribute to effective language instruction and learning.  Expected outcomes for those who complete the B.A. degree program in Applied Linguistics include the ability to:
  •  Analyze academic theories and the various purposes of linguistic study and research 
  •  Assess how language is learned 
  •  Evaluate the usefulness of technology in teaching and learning new languages
  •  Recount the history and evolution of a variety of languages and language groups 
  •  Apply linguistic concepts and theories such as phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, and semantics
  •  Interpret the public policy issues and sociological aspects of applied linguistics 
  •  Formulate a culminating research project demonstrating the use of advanced research skills in a chosen area of linguistics, and create a workable plan with regard to future academic advancement and career options.
The coursework for the Bachelor of Arts degree program in Applied Linguistics is designed to meet and exceed the above-mentioned student outcomes, and while the exact course titles in the program may vary, some of the classes may include:
  • Introduction to Linguistics
  • Languages and Technology
  • Second Language Acquisition
  • Survey of Communicative Disorders
  • Sounds of Language
  • Structures of Language
  • Meaning in Language
  • Intermediate Composition
  • Evolution of the English Language (for English-based Applied Linguistics programs)
  • Language and Society
  • Computational Linguistics
  • Methods, Materials, and Technology for Learning a Second Language
  • Language Development Disorders
  • Applied Linguistics Capstone Research Project
All students with a high school diploma or its equivalent are eligible to apply for admission into the Bachelor of Arts degree program in Applied Linguistics.  Candidates with a strong command of and background in language and language learning are encouraged to apply, as are those with at least intermediate-level knowledge of the various technology systems (hardware and software) that will be used over the course of the program.
Applied Linguistics:  Career Opportunities
Students who have completed the Bachelor Degree program in Applied Linguistics may be recruited to work in a number of different industries, with roles that may include:
  • Teaching English or other languages to non-native speakers
  • Speech therapy and correction
  • Audiology
  • Translati on and interpretation services
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Journalism
  • And more…
Due to mounting immigration and an economic climate that is becoming more global with each passing year, graduates with a degree in Applied Linguistics are in very high demand throughout the country, especially in those areas where linguistic minorities account for a large percentage of the population.