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A photography career can take numerous different forms. Some photographer prefers to be a freelance, others operate their own studios apartment or they choose to work in an advertising or fashion industry. In order to achieve something in a photography career, you need artistic imagination. Your creative thinking and unique style can put you apart from the rivalry in this field. Clients usually appoint the person who has a unique point of view and personal style. Having good relationship with the clients is also important particularly for those who operate their own business or work as independent freelance.

There are several types of photography career including advertising (creating the right environment to emphasize the product to be promoted in the best possible way), architectural (refers to photos with a unique style of architecture), editorial photography and photojournalism (renders images to support the articles, primarily in the print media), fashion (capture the fashion and sensibilities of attire and most often carried out for commercial or fashion magazines such as Vanity Fair and Vogue), fine art (cites photographs that are made to accomplish the creative imagination and ideas of the artist), forensic (refers to the photos of an accident or crime scene and usually presented in the court to support the investigation), photojournalism (is citing a story regarding a specific incident or occasion through a single shoot), wedding (photographing the most unforgettable moments in a different creative way) and still life photography (pertaining to catching ideas on the camera that are intentionally grouped together to produce a detail composition).

Photographers are employed by design studios, government departments, hospitals, municipalities, advertising companies, fashion houses, magazines, newspaper and other media. Future photographers must have business and organizational abilities to become a successful in this career. Other necessary qualities include originality or personal style, creativity, good eyesight, detail-oriented and patient.

The responsibilities in photography job include advertising and mingling to other people to find new customers, discuss with clients to recognize their needs or requirements, set up the photo shoots including the schedule, locations, backgrounds, props, lighting and other equipment, making final print images, and working the administrative duties such as billing, pricing and budgeting. The technical skills needed in line of photography job include images card, Photoshop, lighting systems, digital cameras, knowledge in computer applications and software program for editing the images and other photography equipments.

One of the best ways in searching for the right photography career is by using Internet. Internet sites like Monster Jobs and Yahoo’s Hot Jobs gives tools and advice for employers, job hunters and recruitment companies. There are several vocational-technical institutes, colleges, universities and technical schools that offered photography courses. The basic courses in this profession cover techniques, processes and equipment. Art schools provide functional training in composition and photographic design.

The salary of a photographer mostly in California, Illinois, Minnesota, Virginia and Washington DC ranges from $40,000 to $50,000 per year according to U.S. Department of Labor.

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