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Studies & Degrees in Advanced Finance

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Advanced Finance Study Programs

Level: Graduate     Location: Madrid

By taking Advanced Finance, students will be immersed to the most pressing and difficult issues in the contexts of market and advanced education in quantitative finance that specializes in risk and asset management. As they get employment in business firms and take part in business operations, transactions, negotiations, and analysis, they will understand and learn more about the optimal use of corporate assets and liabilities using but not confine to concrete financial formulas. Since the program is a multidisciplinary study, students will be able to use other disciplines like behavioral sciences to make establish judgment and decisions.

The course’s best candidates are professional who have educational background in engineering, law, business administration, economics, and management. However, students who are ready to be equipped with the most advanced information on today’s finance, private equity, derivatives, emerging markets, global issues on economy, the critical role of the course in the world, financial entrepreneurship, markets, and strategies are most welcome to enroll in the program. Moreover, students will be furnished with practical applied knowledge in advanced finance as they prepare themselves to succeed as future financiers, managers, consultants, chief executives, and educators. Students are expected to gain excellent academic background in taking the course as they will also become the most dynamic, motivated, and creative future professionals within specific organizations.

The development of financial product is one of the critical and most-often highlighted requirements of the program. Students will be oriented with the areas of financial service industry so that they will become much more capable in receiving finance functions, treasury duties and responsibilities, consultation in corporations and organizations. Throughout the course, students will be able to gain a strong foundation and background in finance, economics, physics, science, and engineering.

The course curriculum includes topics on economic theory for finance, advanced financial economics, asset management, financial markets and institutions, mathematical methods for finance, financial engineering, quantitative risk management, and economic foundations for finance among others. The learning objectives for students of Advanced Finance is wide in scope but the course in its entirety is about training students to become highly efficient future bankers, portfolio managers, assets managers, finance specialists, corporate bankers, and members of international groups that control the economy.

The learning objectives of Advanced Finance are adequate and comprehensive as each objective offers a full-scale knowledge and mastery of the entire program. Students are compelled to take relevant credits on topics that discuss sound educational practices while incorporating any of it to practical experiences and situations. As they prepare themselves to become future professionals who will be equipped to contribute their roles and what they can in creating and establishing a vibrant market, locally and abroad.

The holistic vision of the course will suffice in terms of providing the right resources and materials provided by the most capable and learned educators of the program. Later on, as students face and accept responsibilities in the capital markets, their education will serve as a strong qualification to grab the job they are eyeing—not just because they are shrewd enough to do the job.