Art Studio Schools and Programs in Spain

Studio Arts

The Studio Arts program at the Academic Programs International (API) is a study-abroad program provided by University of the Basque Country for art majors and minors. This program is specifically for students with an interest in studying the various disciplines of studio arts on an international level. Some of the subjects that enrolled students will study include drawing, art and technology, sculpture, comic illustration, and the general history of design. Students who complete this program can use their academic experience to further their careers in the arts as illustrators, designers, and artist of various mediums.
Level: Not Applicable  
Language of instruction: Spanish  
Location: Bilbao

Art (Studio Art)

SLU-Madrid's Department of Fine and Performing Arts offers: art history, dance, music, studio and theatre as program choices. Performances, exhibits and concerts bring artists, performers and audience members together. SLU-Madrid has courses in colour theory, drawing, design and sculpture, these give students a chance to explore natural creativity. To earn a minor in studio arts, students have to complete 21 credit hours of art and art history courses. You’ll also need to take one course in art history and two studio art courses. A minor in studio art gives students the grounding and qualifications needed to work as consultants, professional artists, designers or art educators. To apply to study this minor, you must have a minimum GPA of 2.0 and also complete a declaration of major/minor form, available in the Madrid Office of the Registrar.
Level: Undergraduate Associate  
Language of instruction: English  
Location: Madrid

Studio Art

As part of the studio art program at SLU-Madrid, students will discover the world through the visual arts within the setting of a liberal arts education. In the newly refurbished art studio in San Ignacio Hall, students can express their natural creativeness via many artistic medias. Each semester, SLU offer classes in painting, colour theory, drawing, design and sculpture. Options are also available for independent study. SLU’s studio art faculty provide a connection for students to the exciting art community of Madrid. Staff exhibit their work in museums and galleries, share their work and endeavours in the classroom and provide links to other professional European artists.
Level: Undergraduate Bachelors  
Language of instruction: English  
Location: Madrid