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Develop talent in your team: executive coaching

To compete in an international economy, organisations are increasingly conscious that they need to cultivate people's talent in an organised and professional way. Beyond capability management and performance assessment methods, it is vital that leaders know how to change and ensure their staff have the correct skills to successfully deal with new and unexpected realities. Understand the talents and attitudes needed for the development of ability. Help associates reach their potential and attain the organisation's objectives. Endorse a company culture that supports professional development and loyalty to the most gifted members. Progress a coach attitude and the essential abilities for the growth of talent. Encourage team training to boost diversity and inspiration in the achievement of aims. Design and execute an effective method of coaching in the company. Discover how to manage time and stress to instruct our collaborators and be more effectual and productive.
Level: Professional Development  
Language of instruction: Spanish  
Location: Madrid

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