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IESE Business School was founded in 1958 in Barcelona, and at first it acted as the graduate business school of the University of Navarra. The school’s two-year program was the first of its kind in Europe, as it was established with the support of group of professors from Harvard University. A number of other joint programs with top US universities have also been developed throughout the years.

The Madrid campus is located in the outskirts of the city, only 20 minutes away of the busy capital. It underwent a major expansion in 2004. Students studying there can pursue the Executive MBA, the Executive education programs, a number of in-company programs, and a Continuous education programs for IESE members.

Study Program Details
Communicate effectively and persuasively
Communication is vital to direct, organise and collaborate successfully in an organisation, as well as to create productive business relationships. In fact, it’s key to the value as managers. Find out how to use communication devices and techniques to persuade and create indestructible commitment links. The program will study the appropriate way to begin and end speeches, as well as the substance of each stage of the procedure, vital to communicate methodically and effectively. The program will determine and put into practice the integral strength to convey a story to make the message more effective, memorable and believable. These stories should come from personal encounters created and important to the speaker. Because of this, the message penetrates its audience with purpose.
Level: Professional Development     Location: Madrid     Language of instruction: Spanish  
Develop talent in your team: executive coaching
To compete in an international economy, organisations are increasingly conscious that they need to cultivate people's talent in an organised and professional way. Beyond capability management and performance assessment methods, it is vital that leaders know how to change and ensure their staff have the correct skills to successfully deal with new and unexpected realities. Understand the talents and attitudes needed for the development of ability. Help associates reach their potential and attain the organisation's objectives. Endorse a company culture that supports professional development and loyalty to the most gifted members. Progress a coach attitude and the essential abilities for the growth of talent. Encourage team training to boost diversity and inspiration in the achievement of aims. Design and execute an effective method of coaching in the company. Discover how to manage time and stress to instruct our collaborators and be more effectual and productive.
Level: Professional Development     Location: Madrid     Language of instruction: Spanish  
Developing Leadership Competencies
A company’s success and its ability to sustain its competitive advantage depend essentially on the talent of its people. A student’s can learn how to progress their leadership skills – recognising their strengths and weaknesses and inspire individuals and teams in their company to reach their full potential. This program is intended for senior executives and general managers, as well as human resource professionals who look to improve their leadership competencies so they can enhance personal and organisational effectiveness. The program blends a selection of dynamic learning systems such as personal training, role-play, interactive lectures, workshops and case studies. These work together to improve leadership performance.
Level: Professional Development     Location: Madrid     Language of instruction: English  
Executive Development Program (PDD)
Participants of the Executive Development Program know what it is to run an operational area, they know the areas that they have been in command of but they want to develop and take on new responsibilities. To amalgamate within their organization or open new career paths, they need to advance their vision. With the Management Development Program, they will develop their strategic planning and obtain confidence in making decisions. This program is designed to unleash their full potential. The Executive Development Program is taught at campuses in Barcelona and Madrid, as well as in Santiago, Valencia, Bilbao, Palma and Zaragoza. Whatever edition students choose, they will get the same advantages: they will develop their concept as general manager and increase confidence in their decision making.
Level: Professional Development     Location: Madrid     Language of instruction: English  
Executive Master of Business Administration (MBA)
The Executive Master of Business Administration can be studied in Madrid, Munich, Barcelona and São Paulo and is delivered over 18 months. The MBA is split over five quarters, it includes international weeks and concentrated modules that will grow a student’s horizons and shape their career and professional future. The Executive Master of Business Administration will sharpen a student’s decision-making abilities and arm them with the required skills to lead in difficult and changing environments. In the second year, students will be able to pick three “intensive week” events. Choices include: the Executive-Management Simulation Program (EXSIM), international treks in Shanghai, São Paulo and New York and area-specific elective weeks. These taxing hands-on experiences enable students to customise their learning experience and put concepts into action.
Level: Graduate     Location: Madrid     Language of instruction: Spanish, English  
General Management Program (PDG)
After a decade of directing, students may need new perspectives. The General Management Program delivers ground-breaking insights into the multifaceted business challenges to which CEOs face every day. By the completion of the program students will have strengthened their ability to achieve quality in both strategy and change implementation, manage their company's performance and provide principles., commitment and a shared vision that will take their business to new heights. The General Management Program is offered in both Barcelona and Madrid as well as Pamplona and has a duration of six months. Students pick the location that best suits and get ready to explore new tactics with contributors from a broad variety of sectors and improve their efficiency in taking advantage of their business openings.
Level: Professional Development     Location: Madrid     Language of instruction: English  
Lead your leadership: develop your managerial skills
Each organisation has to outline the competencies that its leaders must cultivate to be able to apply the strategy and fulfil the mission. This will make sure a company’s long-term competitiveness. However, as a manager moves up the organisation, the challenges of time and responsibility expose new shortcomings, so they may need help to assess themselves and develop the abilities they need to lead effectively. A student can improve their self-knowledge and expand their personal improvement strategy with the help of a professional coach. Management skills are persistent and observable actions that permit success in the performance of the management of the organisation. Therefore, these are behaviours that can be appraised and developed for improvement.
Level: Professional Development     Location: Madrid     Language of instruction: Spanish  
Negotiate effectively and creatively
The negotiation procedures are usually examined little and left in the hands of intuition. Managers must continually negotiate and therefore, it is vital to have a good strategy to make sure the victory of collaboration contracts and enhance interpersonal dealings. Become an inspired and successful negotiator, accomplished in closing agreements, where all sides feel satisfied and involved. Understand the negotiation methods and the most effective influence aptitudes for each business scenario. Manage the dynamics of the discussion to steer it towards the objectives of the company. Effectively control the internal disagreements of a firm. Make diplomacy a competitive gain for the company.
Level: Professional Development     Location: Madrid     Language of instruction: Spanish  
Senior Business Management Program (PADE)
IESE’s Senior Business Management Program is offered at the campuses in Barcelona, Madrid and Bilbao. Students can choose the location that best suits their needs and get ready to widen their tactical vision and develop their influence. Students will share encounters with top executives who have more than 20 years of experience. They will find out about the value of networking and knowledge. Students will be able to discuss the dilemmas that occur in the management of the company. The program has a faculty team made up of prestigious academics with strong experience in pioneering research and presence in Boards of Directors of prominent companies.
Level: Professional Development     Location: Madrid     Language of instruction: English  
Strategic Management of RR. HH.: people, growth and results
The leader of the Department of People Management has passed from being a simple manager of admin to becoming a vital part of the organisation. In addition to delivering a series of services to all departments, supporting the application of the strategic lines of the company. Uncover the tools to do it successfully. Be conscious of the new role of the Department of People Management, noticeable by its direction to change, to align it with the stratagem of the organisation and give added value. Understand the latest systems in the management of people in complicated and international environments. Boosting ability within the company, managing individual issues and lessening the difficulties that limit professional careers.
Level: Professional Development     Location: Madrid     Language of instruction: Spanish  

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