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Language Courses and Cultural Immersion Programs Schools in Argentina

A.I.E. - Argentina Idioma Español

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Argentina Idioma Español is a specialized organization, offering intensive Spanish programs all year round. Various locations around Argentina and Chili are available, and students have the chance to experience excellent Spanish language instruction in small groups. Another distinctive feature of the school is that it provides an adult environment for individuals aged from 20 to 70 years old. Argentina Idioma also makes sure to find suitable accommodation and organize a diverse program of cultural activities. Adults, professionals and students have all appreciated the high quality... See full description.

ABLE Spanish

Cordoba, Argentina
ABLE Spanish is part of Integral de Idiomas - an educational organization, dedicated to the teaching of languages as a second language. Having been in operation for 38 years, it has proven the effectiveness of their teaching methods. Opportunities offered by ABLE Spanish include Spanish Immersion Programs; Internships Programs; Volunteer Programs; Combined Language Programs; Accommodation Services; and Tourist Services. All teachers are well-trained and highly experiences native speakers, who are specialized in the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language. At the same time courses are... See full description.

Academia Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Academia Buenos Aires is a specialized institution, adopting the full-immersion, integrated learning method to teach foreign students how to communicate in Spanish. Making the student take part in a wide variety of language learning situations is the method that has proven to be most effective in acquiring a language. This is why students at the Academia learn at home with their host family during informal classes, during their free time, as well as during the extra-curricular activities organized by the school. Except for the general Spanish options available, customized learning... See full description.

Babel Spanish School

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Babel Spanish is a dynamic and innovative language school, run by well-trained and experienced university professors in Buenos Aires. A distinctive feature of the school is that the team of instructors has completed Literature and Linguistic Studies at the University of Buenos Aires , while most of them are also pursuing postgraduate studies in the area of "Spanish as a Second Language" (ELE). The school offers both individual and group classes with the former ones being tailored to the student’s specific needs - basic communication, general conversation, writing, etc. Customized... See full description.

Buenos Aires Spanish

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Buenos Aires Spanish is a Spanish language immersion program, offering a unique opportunity for students to engage in language studies and social and cultural activities. The main purpose of the program’s director is to give students a real chance to get to know native, local people, which will mean they can start practicing the language within days or weeks. Students not only meet locals, but they also take part in their social life as well as a number of other activities, which are not usually accessible for tourists. The immersion program greatly focuses on communication and ensures... See full description.

Centro de Estudios de Lengua Española, Córdoba

Cordoba, Argentina
CELEC is a centre specialized in teaching Spanish to foreigners. The school is situated in a residential area, in one of the most prestigious neighborhoods of Cordoba, Argentina. The courses are divided into five different levels: elementary I, elementary II, intermediate I, intermediate II and advanced. The options available include Short Course, Basic Course, Full Immersion Course, Tailor-Made Group Courses, Spanish Course + Volunteer Work / Community Service Programs, Spanish Course + Golf, Spanish Course + Riding, Spanish Course + Tennis, Spanish Course + Argentinean and... See full description.

COINED Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Come to Latin America and Spain and enjoy the opportunity of living a truly intercultural experience with us. We offer you the best options to embrace this sizzling culture and its language: Spanish Courses, Internships, Volunteer Program in over 40 locations. Feel the Latin culture vibe getting into your bloodstream as its landscapes and rhythms dazzle your world! Tune up and start planning your Experiencia en Español!!

COINED Cordoba

Cordoba, Argentina
Learn Spanish in our Spanish Schools in Latin America. Come to Latin America and Spain and enjoy the opportunity of living a truly intercultural experience with us. We offer you the best options to embrace this sizzling culture and its language: Spanish Courses, Internships, Volunteer Program in over 40 locations. Feel the Latin culture vibe getting into your bloodstream as its landscapes and rhythms dazzle your world! Tune up and start planning your Experiencia en Español!!

COINED Mendoza

Mendoza, Argentina
At the south of the city center, around 20 blocks from the Main Square resides the Coined International School for Spanish language learning, Mendoza. Mendoza offers a great blend of diversity, as the nationalities of students in the school consist of American 20%, Brazilian 10%, German 9%, British 7%, Australian 4%, etc. The courses offered are General (intensive, super intensive, immersion and private) and Spanish + Activity (Spanish and Tango, Spanish and Salsa and Spanish and Ski ). The accommodation offered is homestay with local families. The activities which are popular in Mendoza... See full description.

COINED Ushuaia

Ushuaia, Argentina
Coined Ushuaia for Spanish language learning is just ten minutes from the Main Square. The infrastructure of the school includes 14 classrooms, free internet access, latest multimedia equipment, kitchen and a resource lab accommodating around 20 computers. The course offered is general course which includes intensive, super intensive, immersion and private. The accommodation options are individual or shared home stay with local families. Popular outdoor activities in Ushuaia are Argentine Asado, ice-skating, movie night, typical basket brunch and a guided tour to “Fin del mundo” museum. See full description.

DWS Spanish School

Buenos Aires, Argentina
DWS is a Spanish Language school positioned in Palermo, Buenos Aires. The school offers two types of basic courses: Regular & Custom courses. The teaching focus is on grammar, vocabulary, reading and writing skills. Moreover, a Spanish help book is provided to students at the very beginning of the course. All of the material provided is free of charge, while the classes are designed on the communicative approach. The classes are small and fully equipped with multimedia resources to aid teaching with free WIFI internet service. The accommodation options are: Host Families, Shared House,... See full description.

EBA Trust Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, Argentina
EBA is a Spanish learning institute situated in Buenos Aires, Argentina, which offers an international, friendly and relaxed aura to learn the Spanish language. The teaching methodology focuses practice of speaking Spanish in and outside of classrooms. The faculty at the institute are diploma holders in teaching Spanish by the University of Buenos Aires. EBA offers a good mix of students as more than 50% of students hail from Germany, UK, Switzerland and Holland. A good number of students come from USA and Canada, too. The payment schedule at the institute is very flexible as the... See full description.

ECELA, Learn Spanish

Recoleta, Argentina
ECELA is a dedicated Spanish language training organization, operating language schools in Argentina, Chile and Peru. Spanish courses are available at different levels – from beginner to advanced and electives like Spanish composition, literature, and culture are available, too. A program for medical professionals is also offered to students. It combines the regular Spanish immersion program with medical-specific Spanish and cultural training. All teachers within the language centers are enthusiastic and well-qualified, while groups are very small, composed of 3-7 students per class. A... See full description.

Elebaires - Español para extranjeros

Buenos Aires, Argentina
ELEBAIRES is a Spanish experience program, based in Buenos Aires. It offers a wide range of courses, including an intensive group course, a super intensive course, Spanish at work, individual courses, official certificate courses, semi-private courses, as well as a Spanish Teacher Training program. Accommodation options at the school include student residence, family home-stay, shared apartments, as well as hotel and hostel options.


Buenos Aires, Argentina
Expanish Spanish School is one of the leading Spanish Schools located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Spanish courses taught here include intensive Spanish 20, intensive Spanish 30, one to one classes, Business Spanish and DELE prep. Features that Expanish language school offers are high standard classrooms with maximum group size of about 9 students (average of 6 students), student lounge, free Wi-Fi, disabled facilities, TV projectors and videos in classrooms, etc. They also offer some free services such as visits to cinema clubs and museum trips. In addition, its location in the heart of... See full description.

Fundación Convivencia

Rosario, Argentina
Fundacion Convivencia was established in the year 1992, in Rosario city, Santa Fe, Argentina. It is a language school that teaches Spanish language. The Spanish courses made available there are general, intensive, semi-intensive and intensive Spanish courses (with Tango), Spanish for business and one to one Spanish course. The school also presents a variety of social, cultural and recreational activities including Tango lessons, city tour, voyages to Buenos Aires, sporting activities, barbecues and so on. Accommodation preferences include the host family type, shared flats and private... See full description.

Ibero Spanish School

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Íbero Spanish School is a language center based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It takes special pride in its small class sizes, flexible study schedules and well-qualified teaching staff. The school strives to ensure an enjoyable and enriching experience for every language learner. Except for the general Spanish options, offered at eight different levels, students have the chance of preparing for international language exams such as the DELE or the CELU as well as studying area-specific vocabulary. There is also a ‘Spanish for teachers’ program and private class options. All teachers... See full description.

Verbum, Spanish School Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Verbum is a Spanish language school located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It calls itself a ‘people-oriented’ institution, which offers language opportunities to meet all students’ needs and requirements. The school provides regular, intensive and super-intensive Spanish language options. Private one-to-one classes are available, too as well as specialized programs in Spanish for Business, Spanish for Travelers, and Spanish for the Medical profession. Classes in the study of Argentine literature and history are offered as well. Teachers at the school are university graduates, while... See full description.

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