Universities in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan University of Languages

Baku, Azerbaijan
The Azerbaijan University of Languages is a unique type of university based in Baku, Azerbaijan. The school is focused on preparing specialists in foreign languages and international relations. It is organized in two schools of English, a School of Translation, a School of Regional Studies and International Relations, a School of Philology, a School of German Language, and a School of Additional Education. These offer undergraduate and graduate programs, encouraging advanced study and research. It is also worth noting that Azerbaijan University of Languages is the first university in the... See full description.

Baku Business University

Baku, Azerbaijan
Baku Business University is a private institution of higher education established in 1993 in Azerbaijan. The school follows the mission to train highly qualified professionals in the fields of economics, international relations, commerce, business, and other related areas. The school grants bachelor’s and master’s degrees in 14 disciplines, which are taught through two schools and 9 chairs. The institution strives to incorporate enough practical experience for its students, as they should be able to be effective leaders in a country, where there is an ongoing transition to a market... See full description.

Baku State University

Baku, Azerbaijan
Baku State University is a public university located in Baku, Azerbaijan. Founded in 1919 the school is currently organized into the following faculties: Applied Mathematics and Economical Cybernetics, Physics, Mechanics and Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Geology, Geography, History, Philology, Theology, International Law and International Relations, Journalism, Law, Oriental Studies, Social Sciences and Psychology, and Library Studies. Baku State University also operates two research institutes and has educated two of Azerbaijan’s presidents.

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About universities in Azerbaijan

In Azerbaijan, the educational system is ministered and administered by the Ministry of Education. Education in this country is compulsory, and every child has to start attending school at the age of 6, until at the age of 15, after which the higher education is initiated. Higher education in the Republic of Azerbaijan is provided by both state owned and some privately owned colleges and universities in Azerbaijan. These include universities, colleges, academies, institutes, and the conservatories. One of the most significant reforms undertaken in the educational system of the country is the changeover to a multi-level hierarchy in higher professional education in accordance to the Laws pertaining to Education. These reforms were introduced in the year 1993.

Higher educational institutions and universities in Azerbaijan have the autonomy to structure the system of their multi-level education, design the contents of the curriculum, choose the courses offered and chalk out various academic plans needed for the several disciplines of studies. Several educational institutions started offering master’s degree since 1997. The right of autonomy enjoyed by the institutions is safeguarded by the Law on Education pertaining in Azerbaijan.

As per the Law on Higher Education that was put into effect in the year 1992, all universities in Azerbaijan and colleges in Azerbaijan providing higher education, have come under the ambit of this law. The higher education system is made up of three educational stages; and the languages that are followed include Azerbaijani, Turkish, Russian, and English. The higher education in Azerbaijan has the following categories or levels:

First stage of University level: Bakalavr (Bachelor’s degree):

The first stage is akin to the bachelor’s program in Azerbaijan. This stage goes on for 4 years and the students obtain the Bachelor's Degree or Bakalavr at the end of the 4 year period.

Second stage of University level: Magistr (Masters Degree in Azerbaijan):

This stage is equivalent to the master’s program. This second stage of study continues for one-and-a-half years to two years, at the end of which, the students are offered the master's degree in Azerbaijan or Magistr. Students can get an in-depth knowledge as well as a professional training in the Natural Sciences and the Humanities.

Third stage of University level: Doctor

The graduates who score the highest marks in the Masters Degree Azerbaijan stage get an opportunity to gain admission for acquiring the doctoral degree. This stage continues for 2-3 years and after that they can acquire the PhD or the Doctoral degree.

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