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Universidad Latinoamericana de Ciencia y Tecnología - ULACIT

San Jose, Costa Rica
The Universidad Latinoamericana de Ciencia y Tecnología de Costa Rica (ULACIT), is a well-known and much respected institution of higher learning, one with a strong international presence. The Latin American University of Science and Technology (ULACIT) of Costa Rica has been classified for several consecutive years as one of the best private universities in Central America, with a proportion of professors with doctoral degrees among the highest in the area. It is also preferred by Costa Rican employers for the studies it offers in Business Science. The university offers... See full description.

Universities in Costa Rica by City:

HerediaSan Jose

About universities in Costa Rica

Costa Rica, a beautiful Central American nation, is a land rich in biodiversity, great people, and amazing educational opportunities. Known for its amazing breadth of biodiversity and excellent standards for environmental awareness and stewardship, this is an attractive places for students looking to get a degree in biology or environmental studies. Costa Rica is a pure Spanish speaking society, meaning that they speak a clean Spanish, with no variations of regional dialect and without the use of region-specific slang terms, making this an excellent place to study Spanish as well.

Education is highly important to the people of Costa Rica, and that nation boasts a literacy rate of over 90%. The government of Costa Rica provides a good deal of financial support for higher education, making the universities in this nation top-notch. The people of Costa Rica, as well as the government, believe that a highly educated and well trained public are vital to success as an individual, as well as a nation.

The History of Universities in Costa Rica

The first university in Costa Rica was fully established in 1843. The Universidad de Santo Tomas, located in the largest city in the country, San Jose, taught science, liberal arts, and was even known for their law program. The university was later shut down in 1888 to make room for a more cutting edge, technologically focused university, but the next university would not be founded until 1940.

The University of Costa Rica was established in the early 1940s and is still providing students with high quality education to this day. The university was revolutionary in its mission and that was to provide higher education opportunities at affordable tuition rates that allowed for a more widespread access to higher education. Higher education was, before this time, something that was relegated to those from means, but the University of Costa Rica allowed for a great many people to attend college, that might not have otherwise been able to.

Universities in Costa Rica Today

Education is still a priority in Costa Rica. The nation boasts five excellent, public universities.  The University of Costa Rica is the oldest and still the largest. The other universities specialize in offering science and technical education as well as offering educational opportunities to people who live in rural or less populous areas.

There are many private universities in Costa Rica and these are popular as they offer more specific programs than the public universities do. The degree programs at private universities are often shorter as students are not required to take the liberal arts classes that are required at public universities. The tuition at these schools is much higher than at the public universities, which makes them less accessible. As with public universities, most private institutions in Costa Rica are located in San Jose or other urban areas.

Education is very important to the people of Costa Rica. The nation offers excellent higher education institutions, both public and private, that open the opportunities of higher education to those of all backgrounds. Whether you wish to obtain a general or more specific degree, there are options in Costa Rica to meet your needs. Financial aid and scholarships are also available at the public universities, which can help offset the cost of attendance.

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