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The AIMS Springhill Cambridge International School was established in Pakistan in 1999 with a mission of providing education and training to both local and international students.  Advertised on its website as “quality education at a low cost,” the services provided at the AIMS Springhill Cambridge International School are based in the southern Punjab region, which is much less developed than the rest of Pakistan, bringing education to an area that was once grossly underserved.

About the AIMS Springhill Cambridge International School:  Aims and Objectives

In realizing the importance of education in an ever-increasing globalized world, the AIMS Springhill Cambridge International School has always been committed to several aims and objectives, including: 

  • To provide students with a thorough education aimed at preparing them to face the challenges of the modern world.
  • To develop maximum potential for every child in its charge and encourage students to take pride in personal achievement through hard work.
  • To stress academic success as a primary importance for all students.
  • To develop social, sporting and artistic skills through both curricular and extra-curricular activities.
  • To cater to a wide range of student abilities and talents and provide them with opportunities to develop their potential, thus enabling them to make a positive contribution to society.
  • To place a great deal of emphasis on staff training and development and on maintaining a thoroughly up-to- date curriculum and individualized study programs for all students.

Faculty of the AIMS Springhill Cambridge International School

The highly-qualified and very motivated teaching staff at the AIMS Springhill Cambridge International School is carefully selected for both their teaching expertise and for their ability to actively engage students in the learning process.  The entire faculty is made up of experienced teachers who are knowledgeable in their respective fields and very adept at researching and developing curriculum.

In addition, the teachers of the AIMS Springhill Cambridge International School specialize in developing appropriate forms of individual student assessment and are quite experienced in a wide range of modern and traditional instructional techniques and teaching methods that help produce the best results for students.

The faculty is made up of university graduates who have extensive training in the field of education.  To help teachers stay current on emerging trends in their profession, the administration often sponsors specialized workshops and training sessions—sessions that are developed and conducted by noted educationalists to ensure that instructors are privy to the very latest developments in the field of education.

Enrollment Requirements at the AIMS Springhill Cambridge International School

The AIMS Springhill Cambridge International School is open to all students.  An application packet for admission to the school is available both online and in the school office. Once accepted, parents will be notified by phone or email.  All parents are required to accompany their children to the first day of classes, where they will receive a brief orientation from the faculty and administration. Prior to enrollment, all students must:

Be Immunized

Children entering the AIMS Springhill Cambridge International School for the first time must comply with a regional law that mandates all students have an immunization record on file at the school.  Any student who does not have the immunization form shall be temporarily excluded from attendance until full compliance.   

School Entry Physical Examination

Within thirty (30) school days of a child’s initial entry into the AIMS Springhill Cambridge International School, the Principal shall require evidence of a physical examination performed within one year prior to the date of entry.

All Programs Available:
  • Arts, Design and Crafts
    • Art Studies
  • Business
    • Business Studies
    • Management
  • Economics
    • Economics
  • Finance
    • Accounting
  • Industries
    • Commerce
  • Philology, Languages, Literature
    • English Language and Literature (in Universities)
    • Urdu
    • Pakistan Studies
  • Sciences
    • Sociology
    • Chemistry
    • Mathematics
    • Biology
    • Sciences
    • Computer Science
    • Statistics
    • Geography
    • Physics
  • Social and Cultural studies
    • Islamic History and Culture
Language of instruction


Type of school

Independent Private College


+92-61-522406 to 407


AIMS House 6 - Bosan Road Gulgasht Colony, Multan, Punjab, Pakistan, 60700