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Located in Spain’s capital city of Madrid, the CESMA School of Business offers educational and training programs for both current and future executives and business professionals. Among its portfolio of business program offerings, the institution offers masters degree-level courses, specialization programs and professional seminars in a wide range of areas of expertise.  Some of these areas include:

  • Business administration
  • Marketing
  • Communications
  • Finance
  • Account control
  • Human resources
  • Business technology
  • And more...

In addition to offering courses in the above-named specialties, the CESMA School of Business also offers comprehensive training programs led by experts in their respective fields. The Center takes great care to ensure the employability of each of its students by providing job placement and other practical services and by holding job fairs where students can meet with (and hopefully make a good impression on) prospective employers.

The CESMA School of Business offers both undergraduate and Master degree programs in business administration and specializes in the areas of ​​management development programs and professional long-term expertise.  Master degree and other post-graduate programs tend to span one to two years for full-time students, but there are also a number of short programs offered for those looking to update or upgrade the degree they currently hold.  All programs are designed and tailored to meet the specific needs of local and international businesses, as determined by the institution’s company training department.

The CESMA School of Business prides itself on its ability to establish cooperation agreements with both European and American schools, including many prestigious universities around the globe.  This perk enables the exchange of students between two facilities, thus providing those students with the unique opportunity to study abroad in a foreign country for a semester or full academic year.

The success enjoyed by the CESMA School of Business and its graduates can be largely attributed to the school’s well-thought-out and tailored curriculum, which helps students master the skills that are most important to employers.  Also helpful is the flexibility the school offers, giving the faculty and the administration a great amount of agility in terms of meeting the needs of all students and adapting quickly to changes in the corporate world.

One characteristic of all the graduate programs offered by the CESMA School of Business is the concentrated focus on managerial and problem-solving skills as they pertain to the field of business management.  The major aim of the school is to ultimately teach students how to develop their own set of operational skills by effectively applying specific methodologies from each area of ​​expertise.

All of the programs offered by the CESMA School of Business have a practical foundation with a heavy focus on "case methodology."  Thus, each student is asked to present real-world cases and problems and is urged to reflect on the key factors and potential solutions of those problems through group and individual work both inside and outside the classroom. The practical education model employed by CESMA is evident in the many internship programs the school offers, giving student the chance to experience firsthand what a typical day is like in a variety of companies.  Since the founding of the CESMA School of Business some 15 years ago, over 2,000 students have taken advantage of the school’s internship offerings, which in many cases have led to continued employment for those students following graduation.

Data from previous years underscores the success the CESMA School of Business has enjoyed with regard to job-placement. Statistics show that approximately 95% of the school’s graduates find work in their chosen area of study upon graduation—a figure that rises to 97 percent or even 100 percent for graduates of certain Master-level programs and specialty studies.

In order to further train specialists in certain fields, each year CESMA’s Management Development Office organizes a series of informative seminars for both managers and technical professionals. These seminars, which are led by some of Madrid’s largest companies, are perfect for business professionals who need to continuously update their established knowledge in different areas of business management.

All Programs Available:
  • Business
    • Business Administration
    • Advertising
    • Management
    • Sales
    • Logistics
    • MBA
    • Executive MBA
    • Human Resources Management
    • Management Control
    • Marketing Management
    • Commercial Management
  • Communications
    • Communications
  • Education
    • Coaching
  • Finance
    • Finance
  • Industries
    • Banking
    • International Trade
Language of instruction

Spanish, English

Type of school

Independent Private College


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Pº Habana nº 43, Madrid, Spain, 28036

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